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I have a new brand that comes directly from Portugal to show you today and it's called "Purple Professional". No no, they don't do only purple polishes, that's just the name of the brand :D
Let's go directly to the pictures and I'll add my thoughts about them afterwards!
All pictures are 2 coats of polish, without top coat!

The first one that I got is number 15. It's a a muted and dirty teal creme polish. It dries to a glossy finish and was super easy to work with.

The second one is number 44 and is a bright, almost neon, pink. It's a bit funny because in the bottle, it looks like a darker berry shade, but once on the nails, it really pops! It's a very cheerful and summery color! It dries to a satin finish. This is probably due to the fact that it's almost a neon. I didn't use any top coat so that you can see the satin/matte finish.

And the last one is number 43, a vibrant coral leaning to the red side of coral. It's also a very pretty color, another way of wearing red polish.

The brush is very nice to use. It's a wide, thick brush. Each bottle contains 10 mL of polish.

I was really curious to try this brand as I haven't heard much about it. I've just heard of it from Betty who blog at Betty Nails and she was saying some great things about it.

This brand was a really nice surprise because the quality of the polishes is great. They are 3 Free, easy to apply, not streaky at all and have a good pigmentation. I used 2 coats here for all of them and didn't apply a top coat. I am really happy with the dusty teal because I don't have such polishes in my stash and I love the color. It might be close to OPI Thanks a Windmillion but I don't have it so I cannot compare them. The bright pink is so cheerful and easy to apply, I am pretty sure I'll wear it a lot!
If you have the opportunity to try this brand, don't hesitate because I'm sure you will love it! Their formula (at least the 3 polishes I tried) are just so perfect!

Purchase info
Purple Professional polishes are sold only in Portugal at the moment but they will export their brand internationally soon. You can find here a list of places to shop in Portugal. You can have a look at their official website if you want more information or drop them an email at info@purpleprofessional.com. You can also follow Purple Professional on Facebook. If you're outside Portugal and want to order some polishes from this brand, you can leave a message to Paula on Purple Professional Facebook page.

Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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