Some Dior News for Spring 2017

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Hi beautiful people :D

Here I am again with some gorgeous Dior news! Some of the items shown here were released earlier this year and some are quite new. So let's have a closer look at these beauties, shall we?

Miss Dior Foaming Shower Gel

"This scented foaming shower gel produces a generous lather that gently cleanses the skin. Its fresh formula, enriched with rose oil known for its nourishing properties, brings beauty and comfort to the skin. Your skin is enhanced with a delicate scent as the trail of your Miss Dior fragrance is intensified."

This shower gel feels super luxurious and "delicious":D Shower gels can sometimes be a bit boring but this Miss Dior shower gel is all about feeling special and pampered. I started loving special treat shower gels when some time ago, after taking a shower in the middle of the day after a sport session, I used a rose scented shower gel (it was not the Miss Dior at that time) and I was wowed the all afternoon by the delicate and lovely scent. Since then I've started enjoying unique and delicately scented gels, just like the Miss Dior. The scent here is a bit softer than the original Miss Dior, it leaves the skin delicately perfumed and the scent lasts for a couple of hours. The scent is sophisticated and subtle, nothing intoxicating.
Moreover, it's formulated at pH 6.0 (I measured it), perfect to respect the acidic mantle of your skin. So this is another good point!

By the way, if you're a Miss Dior addict, Miss Dior is also available under the form of a perfumed deodorant!

Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette

Released in February last year, Dior Poison Girl is a reinterpretation of the iconic Dior Poison fragrance with fresher notes best suited for contemporary, free and sexy girls (reviwed here). The fragrance is composed of bittersweet orange notes, wrapped with Tonka bean and the biting sensuality of the rose of Grasse. Top Note: Bitter Orange, Heart notes: Rose from Grasse, Base Note: Tonka Bean from Venezuela.

This year, Poison Girl is released as an Eau de Parfum, hence lighter and fresher with the top notes being a bit more present than in the Eau de Parfum released last year.

Top Notes: orange, lemon
Heart Notes: Grasse rose, neroli, damask rose, orange blossom
Base Notes: Tonka beans, vanilla

Characteristic of this "Poison" is the orange and lemon notes mixed with the tonka beans and vanilla. This is what I first notice (yes, top and base notes at the same time for me). Then comes the delicate rose scent. Overall this is a fresh, delicate and sophisticated scent perfect for spring and summer that I've been enjoying a lot lately.

Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport is reinvented to more fully embody a life lived with sport as philosophy, not a race for performance. The notion of a life in motion, free and intense, full of love, laughter and dreams imbued with sensuality.
The composition of Dior Homme Sport plays on facets of fruity-spicy freshness while retaining the sexy, woody notes of Dior Homme's identity. A typically Dior Homme juice, like an expression of its philosophy: between vitality and sexyness, energy and refinement.The immediate pleasure of a juicy freshness, the energy of spices, and the sexy trail of noble woods. This freshness takes up the challenge of extreme remanence, and of a beginning that lasts and lasts.

I have the impression that this new version of Dior Homme is the masculine conterpart of Poison Girl. It's fresh, joyfull but it has the more mature and sophisticated notes associated with the spices and woods scents. I really like this Eau de Parfum, it feels modern, soft and sophisticated. Oh and I also love the red details of the bottle, so chic!

Capture Totale Dreak Skin Perfect Skin Creator

The iconic Dream Skin - Skin Perfector has been reformulated to achieve more powerful, even greater instant correction, with boosted radiance and blurring effects.
It is claimed to act on all signs of aging: wrinkles, pores, spots, redness, and dull complexion.

"INSTANTLY, this new formula infuses the skin with greater perfection, correction and comfort. A skin-perfecting veil visibly transforms the skin, diffusing a fresh glow. The skin's texture is refined. Spots and redness are minimized, and pores appear tightened. DAY AFTER DAY, skin is firmer, smoother and more even."

This product is a skincare-makeup hybrid leaning more towards to the makeup side.

Water, glycerin (humectant), solvents, emollients,  texture modifying agents including some silicones (Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethicone) and pigments make up for the bulk of this product. CosDNA analysis here.
In terms of serum, I find it pretty average as it lacks antioxidants or skin repairing agents, there are some (ascorbyl glucoside, a stable form of vitamin C, mallow extract for example) but they're after pheonxyethanol in the ingredient list which means they're present in low amount. If you're looking for a great Dior serum, I would rather recommend the new HydraLife Sorbet Water Essence, which I really really like (reviewed here)!

However I think it works wonderfully as a makeup base to give you a glowy and healthy complexion. It makes the skin brighter and more even. I've been using it under my foundation but also alone on weekends. It doesn't smooth the skin as much as a typical silicone base primer since its texture is thinner and more fluid, so yes for me Dream Skin Perfect Skin Creator is especially interesting to make the skin more even, glowy and overall healthy-looking.

In terms of scent and texture, it has a subtle powder fragrance and has a pale rose-tinged thin formula.

Do you have favorite new products from your beloved brands at the moment? Please let me know, I'm always curious!

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., SephoraSelfridgesNordstrom) or directly through In Switzerland you can find them at ManorDouglasMarionnaud, and Jelmoli for example.

*PR Samples*

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  1. Great post. I'm loving the sound of the Miss Dior Shower gel! Think I need to try that!! The serum sounded nice too but if the active skincare elements are so low it does make you question if there's any use of those ingredients being in there. I've found that with some products recently. Nice post! X

    1. The shower gel is great indeed :D
      For me the Dream skin is almost more a makeup product and words as a glowing and evening base for me. Thank you <3

  2. Oh my this looks like such a luxurious range. I think dior skincare, fragrance and makeup is so lovely. Can't wait to give this a smell next time I'm at the counter.

    x Helen

    1. Thank you, Helen. Glad to hear you like them! :D They do have some great products ;)

  3. Oh my goodness your photos are just beautiful. I'm very envious of your skills haha!!

    The Dream Skin Perfector sounds right up my alley!

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

    1. awww thank you so much, you're too kind! and I'm jealous of your video skills :D

  4. Oh la la ! Que de tentations à travers tes jolies photos ;) J'ai déjà le Poison Girl et je suis une inconditionnelle de DreamSkin ! Mais je dois dire que le Gel Moussant Miss Dior a l'air TOP ! Superbe article très détaillé comme j'aime ! Bisous Karine !

    Kédidja |

    1. Coucou Kédidja, contente que ça te plaise. Je suis sûre que tu adorerais le shower gel!! ;) merci et bisous!

  5. You've got so much dior fragrances I would love to own miss dior or poison girl the packaging sounds amazing.


    1. haha I used to be all about Miss Dior but I must say that I've used Poison Girl much more often lately. It's such an easy to wear fragrance while it stays chic and elegant ;)

  6. I used to love Dior perfumes but suddenly turned off of them when I was pregnant. 6 years later and I still don't like them. Such a shame as 99% of my perfumes had to be thrown out as I couldn't stand them any longer.

    1. oh no, that's a shame! Pregnancy seems to be able to chance so many things but I had never heard about such a thing...What are you using at the moment?

  7. Wow, some exciting releases here! I hardly ever buy Dior, but the Dior Poison Girl EDT looks lovely!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. It's one of my favorite fragrances at the moment, I've almost exclusively used it lately ;) thank you for stopping by <3

  8. I love the sound of the shower gel. I don't know if I could spend so much money on a shower gel, but the bottle is so beautiful.

    Lubz ||

    1. It's lovely. Maybe as a birthday gift or for another special occasion ;)

  9. Hi Karin, beautiful blog space, I'm so tempting to dry the Miss Dior Shower gel and Dior Dream Skin. I'm a Dior lover all the time.

    1. aww thank you so much! I also love and adore your blog and IG, your pictures are eye candy! *v*)/
      and so happy to hear your're a Dior lover all the time! <3


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