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IsaDora brand
IsaDora is a Sweden cosmetic brand that was born in 1983 (yeah, same year as I), They offer a complete cosmetic line including make-up, skin, hair and body care, fragrances as well as nail polishes, of course! I've just tried their nail polishes and they are of great quality! Their make-up also seem to be quite good...I really want to try them once!

IsaDora graffiti nails

All IsaDora nail polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor and they offer a large range of different colours.
Concerning the graffiti nail polishes, there are 10 (yeah, so many!) different colours that crackle really well!
Here are the different colours. IsaDora first released 6 different shades:

"Spraycan Blue" (dark blue), "Yellow crew" (yellow), "Subway Green" (dark green), "Masterpiece" (bright pink), White Art" (withe), "Black Tag" (black)

Due to their success, 4 new shades are now available:

 "Pink Bite" (very soft pink), "Blue Burner" (light blue), "Latte Queen" (beige), All City Brown" (dark brown)
I personally bought 2 shades "Latty Queen" the beige colour and "Pink Bite", the soft pink. But I really want to try the dark brown and dark green ones now!

The application is quite easy due to the wide brush. The brush is indeed really really wide but its hair are quite short so that it's a bit strange to use if you're not familiar with it (see picture underneath).

Comparison of IsaDora bursh (up) vs. OPI bursh (down)

You should apply one coat of Graffiti nail polish not more otherwise the polish will not crackle well. For good results, it's best to use a rather thick coat. So load your brush heavily and apply one single coat on your nail. If you use a too thin coat, the colour of the cracking polish will not be neat and become a little dull. This is at least true for the light colours (I haven't try the darker ones yet).

The polish dries very quickly and dries matt. If you prefer a shiny look, just add a top coat and it will be perfect!

2011 is the year of crackle polishes and I'm really pleased to have found this IsaDora polishes as they offer a lot of different colours and they crackle in a different way as other brands do. The pattern they leave is really pretty, they crackle a lot so that you can still see the polish you've used as a base very well.

Moreover, they are my first IsaDora experiment and I think I will also try their "regular" polishes. When I bought the Graffiti polishes, I've been given a free sample of "Crystal", a pearl white polish. I'll try it and give you my feedback soon. So stay tuned! ;D

Where to buy
You can buy IsaDora products online at Unfortunately, the Graffiti nail polishes are not available there.
I've heard some people found IsaDora product at Walgreen.
Otherwise, in Europe you can find them at Douglas for 19-20$.

Links and exemples
- Mani with Pink Bite: here

IsaDora Pink Bite over OPI Ski Teal We Drop

- Mani with Latte Queen: to come soon

PS My post about OPI "Keys to my karma" and White Shatter is still lost due to blogger maintenance...I think I'll have to do it again...

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