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Hi here~

I'm so happy because I've just received my OPI Pirates of the Caribbean mini lacquers and bought Silver shatter, too!!
First of all, I'd like to thank OPI Swiss! Thanks to this wonderful team, I was able to get these 4 mini POTC laquers! In fact, I get them as a prize for the contest they organize on their facebook page!

So here are some swatches!
First, I tried the gorgeous "Planks a lot" (BTW I love this name!). This is a kind of dusty lavender. To be honest, this shade really rocks for spring. It's a pretty and really washed-out purple. Its colour really makes me think of "Milka chocolate"! I think it's exactly this kind of coulour! During the whole day, I had this impression I had the Milka Cow on my nails...lol Nevertheless, I really love this colour a lot!

Planks A Lot (OPI), 3 coats, with top coat, with flash

Planks A Lot (OPI), 3 coats, with top coat, without flash (left), with flash (right)

Planks A Lot (OPI), 3 coats, with top coat, without flash

Here is a close up


Planks A Lot (OPI), flash 

Planks A Lot (OPI), without flash

And finally I added Silve Shatter on top! This shatter is so so so sparkly!! I didn't add any top coat over Silver Shatter which dries matte.

Can you see how sparkly Silver Shatter is? This is amazing!!

Then I used Skull & Glossbones and Stranger Tides. Both are grey-based polishes. I used them side by side so that you can clearly see the difference.
Skull & Glossbones is light grey while Stranger Tides is more greenish.

index, middle finger - Stranger Tides (OPI), 3 coats, no top coat
ringer finger - pinkie - Skull & Glossbones (OIP), 3 coats, no top coat

Stranger Tides
Skull & Glossbones

I also added Silver Shatter with top coat.

Skull & Glossbones and Silver Shatter
Stranger Tides and Silver Shatter

The last one is Sparrow Me The Drama, a cool toned pale pink with lilac undertones. This one is also really pretty and really spring-like! It's a very feminine colour!

Sparrow Me The Drama (OPI), 3 coats, no top coat

Sparrow Me The Drama, without flash
Sparrow Me The Drama, with flash

And with Silver Shatter with top coat

Sparrow Me The Drama (OPI) and Silver Shatter, with flash

Sparrow Me The Drama (OPI) and Silver Shatter, without flash (left), with flash (right)

I really like these polishes, even more than I thought I would. They are all super glossy cream with very original colours. They are not too much in your face but rather soft yet original! Application was a really dream, very quick and without any problems eventhough I used the mini bottles! I think I will wear them a lot!

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