Playing with Keys To My Karma (OPI) and Crack Me! White (Essence)

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Today is a swatch of OPI Keys To My Karma, part of the Indian Collection (Spring 2008). This is a cherry red creme with a high gloss finish! It has some pink in its base but once you've covered your nails with 2 coats, it's leans more toward a cherry red. What's amazing me is the high shine of this polish! It has a really nice finish, very neat! Its application was super easy due to the wide brush characteristic of OPI.
Reds are always difficult to swatch. The real color is a bit closer to the one you can see on the second picture (i.e., with the white shatter).

Keys To My Karma (OPI), 2 coats, no top coat

Then I wanted to play with my new white shatter (Crack Me!White by Essence), and also added some Konad designs and silver stripes.

Crack Me! White (Essence), Keys To My Karama (OPI)

Here is the final result!

To achieve this, I first painted my nails this 2 coats of Keys To My Karma, let it completely dry. Then I used some tape across the nails and added a coat of Crak Me! White on top in order to have a crackle effect on the lower and upper part of the nails only. I removed the tape, and added silver stripes to defines the middle red space better. Finally, I used some lovely Konad designs.

Playing with Keys To My Karma (OPI), Crack Me! White (Essence), Konad M43, BM03

I didn't turn out the way I wanted because I encountered problems with my Bundle Monster plates. The design stayed stuck on the stamper and wouln't get on my nails..So then, I used BM for one nail only and did the rest with Konad. Have you ever face such problems with BM plates?

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  1. I need that shade of OPI. It's so pretty on you! And I like the way you mixed the crack with the stamping.

  2. Me voilà~~

    Rien que pour toi j'ai ouvert un compte.
    Sinon, je ne pouvais pas commenter.
    Si j'ai du temps, je viendrais mettre des petits trucs sur le miens.

    Ton blog est vraiment super. Quand j'aurai un peu plus de temps, je viendrai fouiller plus en profondeur et tu as aussi des liens intéressants!

    En ce moment j'ai pas trop le temps mais promis, dès que je suis un peu libre tu me verras plus souvent.

    Par contre, dès demain je fais la pub de ton blog ^__^

  3. Toyaaaa ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!! comme c'est gentil! <3
    et t'inquiète passer quand tu veux! ;D

    Thalie, thank you so much! yeah, this red is really pretty.

  4. I love the design, very cute!

  5. super cute, great work with the stamping!!


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