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Hi there~

Today I will present a lacquer that belongs to one of my favourite OPI collection, i.e. Burlesque Collection (Holiday 2010).
So here is "Teas-y does it". It's a dark plum polish with pink/red and gold glass fleck microgiltters in its base. It's a rather strange shade, a bit difficult to describle. Somethimes it looks really brown, somtimes much more plum. When light hits the nails, you can see mostly pink-reddish microglitters.
In the bottle, you can see some duochrome but unfortunately this doesn't translate onto the nails. Nevertheless, this a very nice shade, especially well suited for fall!
The application is very easy. You will need 2 coats to get full opacity.

Teas-y does it (OPI), 2 coats, no top coat. You can see the different shades this polish takes according to the lightening. Sometimes, it looks really brown, sometimes much more plum-toned.

Then I wanted to try my new IsaDora crackle polish on it. This crackle polish is called "Latte Queen" and, as its name suggests, is a coffee latte coloured polish which dries matte. I wanted to see the effect of a very light brown over a much more deeper one.
Here is the result.

Latte Queen (IsaDora) over Teas-y does it (OPI)
In fact, I don't really like the overall result. The crackle polish is a bit too dull, I think and, it hinders too much the beauty of Teas-y does it which I find a bit sad...The colour of Latte Queen is too cooled down, neither white nor brown, I'm rather sceptical...
The application of IsaDora crackles is a bit more tricky than OPI's. Here you have to apply a thick coat of polish and should not apply a second coat or pass over a part you already did otherwise the polish will not crackle in a pretty way. If you apply a thin coat, the colour of the polish will not show very much (cf my index).
For a soft shade of crackle polish, I prefer Pink Bite (you can see a picture here).

Finally, I also did some stamping over Teas-y does it. I used BM plate number 20 and stamped with Nothing Else Metals (Essence).

Teas-y does it (OPI), BM 20 stamped with Nothing Else Metals (Essence)

 I like the final result! It looks somehow sophisticated and quite pretty. Happy with this! :p

And a close-up that shows all the beauty of this nail polish! You can see the different tones (brown, plum) and the gold/pink/red microglitters.

Teas-y does it! (OPI)

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  1. Pretty! I really need to get my hands on a konad stamper and some nail plates. All the designs I see people doing are great!

  2. I have Teasy Does It & I never thought to put a crackle over it . This is gorgeous .

  3. Toyomi, thank you very much! I'm wondering now if it would look pretty under black shatter...maybe...I should give it a try!


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