Candy Mani (part 3)

11:29 PM

Hi there~

Yay, another Candy Mani! I'm really addicted to this kind of mani. It's so juicy and summery looking.
For an explanation on what is a Candy Mani and more info on how to do one, please go here.

2 coats of Haute as Hello (Essie) + 2 coats of Sparkle-icious (OPI) + 
index and middle finger: Guy Meets Gal-veston (OPI), 1 coat
ring finger and pinkie: In The Spot-Light Pink (OPI), 1 coat

I suggest you click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the details better!
So for the base, I used Essie Haute as Hello (Summer 2010). It's a bright coral/peachy nail polish with a neon finish. It dries matte as most neons :p I'm not a neon sucker that's why I decided to do a cany mani with it in order to hide the neon finish under a juicy and glossy jelly. It gave brightness and a summery look to the nails but allowed me to circumvent the inconvenient of the too flashy neon finish. The color itself is really pretty and like it very much.
The application of Haute as Hello was a bit tricky because it's on the thick side but if you're careful it's all right. It's very opaque but you will need 2 or 3 coats to have an even finish.
I've got to try other combo (not necessary a cany mani) with Haute as Hello because I really like the color! Maybe with stamping I would like the neon finish better! I've got to try that!

Haute as Hello (Essie), 2 coats, without top coat, without flash

Haute as Hello (Essie), 2 coats, without top coat, with flash

Now let's add some glitters! I used the gorgeous and very festive Sparkle-icious (OPI, Burlesque collection, holliday 2010).It's a mainly a gold glitter polish but it contains also some pink, blue glitters.

Haute as Hello (Essie) + Sparkle-icious (OPI)

Finally I added on my index and middle finger one coat of Guy Meets Gal-veston (OPI, Texas collection, spring-summer 2011) and one coat of In The Spot-Light Pink (OPI, Femme de Cirque collection, spring 2011) on my ring finger and pinkie.

I added the last picture because you can really see the sparkles and glossy look on this blurry picture (esp for the index and middle finger). And it represents everything I like about candy manis. You can see the glitter embedded into the jelly and you've got this sparkle from within impression!

I also really like the look of In The Spot-Light Pink over Sparkle-icious. The glitter has a completely different look under the sorbet/jelly. Even the color of the glitters look different! I find it funny!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them!

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  1. I love sparkle-icious with In The Spot-Light Pink, very cute and girly!

  2. I nominated you for some awards...

  3. Very cute! I like the glitter on top :)

  4. Tera, thnak you for your nice comment!

    Polish Amor, thank you so much for these awards! I'm so glad you like what I do!

    Bookworm Nails, thanks!! Glitters are great, aren't they :p


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