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Hi there~

Wa~ I can't get enough of royal purples! Mimi belongs to these beautiful and sophisticated purples that I love. Mimi is part of the "Zoya Sparkle Collection" (2010). This collection is a synonym of huge love for a lot of girls here, I know. It combines a glass-fleck formula with a metallic glitter finish and this makes this collection a total standout for any sparkle lovers!

 So Mimi is a very rich and purple, rather grape-toned, colour with a lot of pink microglitters. It's very shiny on its own and even more with a top coat, of course.
On some pictures, it may look blue but it's defenitively more purple. In fact, when I wear it on my nails, I only see the purple shade (and not the blue!). This might be due to the pinks glitters that shift blue to purple. I think Zoya did a great job with these pink glitters because I don't own much royal, deep purples that don't lean towards blue!

Here are some pictures. You can click on them to get larger pictures.

Mimi (Zoya), 2 coats, with top coat

I used 2 thin coats here (for all the pictures). In the sun or under strong light, you can see it's not fully opaque. I should have used 3 coats or 2 thicker coats. And it might have been perfect!

Here is a close up to show the pink microglitters.

Close up of the pink glitters. The gold shimmer is due to the lamp I used, it's not due to the polish itself....
Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that "Mimi" in French means "cute"! Isn't that...cute?kkk

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  1. Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog!

    These are beautiful! I love Zoya polishes and these are simply amazing colors.

  2. me encanta el brillo en las uñas, esta lindo el color

  3. That's a very pretty color too! I love grape colors. But I think I like Happi better. :D Actually started looking for it, hehe.

    Yes, the first time I stayed in Japan, I was there as an exchange student. When I went last year, I was doing some work&travel. I would love to work there for real...

  4. Yami, yeah Zoya polishes are just so so so great! They have beautilful colours and application is always a dream!

    Deysi, thanks!

    Kayono, I also love grape colors! I've got a lot of purple polishes ;D Yeah! you wanna try Happi!^^
    I totally understand how you feel about Japan. I went there 4 times (twice for studying, twice for fun) and every time I was so happy to be there! I miss my host family! Maybe I will go back for my work in 2 years...but not sure...Maybe we will meet at the Tokoy Nail Expo once, who knows!haha


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