My New Haul!

1:12 AM

I've just received my new treasures I've ordered from Nailetc. In this online store, you can find a lot of different nail lacquer brands like OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Zoya, Orly, Seche, Color Club, and so on.

Everything I received was well packed, and it took about 1 week  to get my order. I'm very happy with this web site!

So here are my pretties!

OPI Serena Williams Grand Slam (Simply Smash-ing! and Black Shatter)
OPI Glam Slam! France Spark De Triomphe Duo Pack (Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter)   
OPI Glam Slam! France Rally Pretty Pink Duo Pack (Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter)

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede
OPI I Juggle...Men (Femme de Cirque)
OPI So Many Clowns So Little Time (Femme de Cirque)
China Glaze Poetic (Romantique)

Since a few weeks I was so drawn to the Serena Wiliams Collections so I had to buy these 3 sets! I wanted Red and Black Shatters and I found Spark De Triomphe so pretty! The same goes for Rally Pretty Pink! I was not sure about Simply Smash-ing! because I'm not a yellow-fan but at least, I wanted to give it a try!

We'll Always Have Paris is my first Suede and I cannot wait to wear it as a full mani! I absolutely wanted to see what the "Suede" finish looks like!

I already have the 2 Femme de Cirque lacquers but in mini format and I love them so much, I had to have a regular-sized bottle of each.

Finally I also wanted to buy some China Glaze from the Romantique or Khrome Collections for stamping! Unfortunately due to shipping taxes, I could just pick one (but I'm already happy! ;D ).

I was so impatient to try my new polishes. So I did a quick mani with the 3 Serena polishes (and their Shatter) and We'll Always Have Paris Suede (and Silver Shatter).

Here is what it looks like!

Index: Spark De Triomphe
Middle finger: Simply Smash-ing!
Ring finger: Rally Pretty Pink
Pinkie: We'll Always Have Paris Suede

Index: Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter
Middle finger: Simply Smash-ing! and Black Shatter
Ring finger: Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter
Pinkie: We'll Always Have Paris Suede and Silver Shatter

These pictures don't do justice to these lacquers, they are much more sparkly than here but this was just to see how they work and how they were.
I'll do articles with detailed comments and a lot of swatches for every polish soon! So stay tuned! ;D

I'm currently wearing Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter at the moment! I so love it!

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  1. 1. Rally Pretty Pink is a dead-on dupe for Zoya Faye. I have both since I needed the red shatter.

    2. Do NOT use Seche Vite over I Juggle Men. Your polish will pucker and you'll be like, "WTH? I ruined my manicure!" You'll be fine with OPI or CND top coats.

    I haven't ordered from that company. I can vouch for Head 2 Toe though. Awesome shipping speed and good prices on ChG.

  2. yo quiero!!!!!!, en mi pais estan caritas, ahorrare para comparme unita jejeje

  3. Hermione, yes I've heard of Zoya Faye and OPI Rally Pretty Pink being dupes. I don't hown Faye (but wanted to!) and I wanted Red Shatter so I was glasd to buy the duo set!
    Thanks your the advice about "I Juggle...Men"! ;D

    Thanks, Deysi!


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