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Hi there~

I've heard a lot of people being interested in Candy Manis lately and having a lot of questions about them! In this post, I will try to describe the different steps as well the different polishes you can use to achieve a nice Candy Mani. If you have any questions or requests, I will be pleased to answer them, if I can :p I'm not an expert, but I will try to do my best!

How to do a Candy Mani?
Basically to do a Candy Mani, you will need to start with a base coat of your choice (it can be a colored one), then a glitter coat should be added on top and finally a coat of jelly or sorbet should be applied to creat the juicy finish that caracterizes Candy Manis.

What are jellies or sorbets?
I've heard a lot of people asking what jelly polishes are. They are translucent or sheer polishes that possess a shine and glossy finish. They look like syrup on your nails. They are called "jellies", "sorbets" or "jelly syrups".

Which polish should I choose?
For your base coat, everything is permitted. You can  let your imagination go and choose any color that you feel like wearing. Normally, a cream polish is used but you can use a pearl or foil finish as well. Concerning the color, normally again (but you can experiment different things! ;D ) I choose a color that belongs to the same family as my glitter and jelly color.

Glitter nail polishes are rather easy to find and nearly every brand has a few glitter nail polishes. So I will not add much explanation here. Any glitter polish should do the work! I personally prefer when the glitters are densly packed, it gives a more uniform finish.

Finally, to create a Candy Mani, you will need a jelly/sorbet polish to give your mani a final juicy touch! I personally like using polishes from OPI Texas Collection (Spring 2011) which are called "sorbets". They are perfectly suited for Candy Manis. Their colors range from berry, pink, and purple to orange.
I've also tried "In The Spot-Light Pink", which is part of OPI Femme de Cirque Collection (Spring 2011). It's a very sheer, slightly pink color that will give a milky but glossy touch to your mani.
Revlon has also launched some jellies perfect for Candy Manis called "Just Tinted". They are 4 colors: pink, coral, orange, and red/plum.
Nfu Oh has also launched a whole gamme of jelllies which is called "The Jelly Syrup Series". This collection consists of 45 different shades! Yeah, you read well, 45!! The variety of color is just amazing!

Nfu Oh Jelly Syrup Series
Source: Fabulous Street.com

Cathy Richardson has created a FB group where you can find a list of a lot of jelly nail polishes! The name of the group is "Ask Cathy" and you can access it if you click here.
I've also found a link where you can also find a list of jelly polishes here.

I hope this post will help you creating beautiful Candy Manis. But be careful! This type of mani is really addictive. Once you've done one, you want to try different combos because it always looks so juicy, glossy, and summary that you will love it! Have fun~

I've got 2 examples on my blog: a pink and a blue Candy Mani. I have experimented others so I will post them soon!

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  1. Thank you for this post! Very informative and helpful for if I ever do a candy inspired mani.

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad if it can help you!

  3. gracias por la info, lo maximo, me encanta los esmaltes, son la locura, gracias



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