OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam France (part 2)

10:27 PM

Hi there~

Today I was in the mood of playing with my new Serena Duo Sparke de Triomphe! This set was released with Rally Pretty Pink - Red Shatter set for the launching of the French Open.

Sparke de Triomphe is a clear based glitter nail polish. The glitters vary in size. You've got very very fine gold glitters and also more imoprtant ones. It is different than the Burlesque glitters in that sense. Burlesque glitters have larger glitters. Here it almost looks like gold dust with few larger glitters. The overall effect is a very sparkly gold/silver nail polish! Gold is nevertheless predominent while silver avoids gold looking too yellow.

Spark De Triomphe (OPI), 2 coats, without topcoat

Spark De Triomphe (OPI), 2 coats, without topcoat

Spark De Triomphe (OPI), 2 coats, without topcoat

So sparkly!!
Sparkles like crazy!!

I've never seen such sparkly nail polish. I'm personally really into glitters but Spark De Triomphe is just so amazing that I was "wow"! This shade is definitively not for the shy. However if you like glitters, don't hesitate because it's really stunning!
It did 2 coats. As the glitters are densly packed, 2 coats are all right. For a completely opaque result, 3 coats are perfect.
Application was really easy, without any problems!

The second lacquer from this set is White Shatter. I was first a bit afraid that White Shatter would look like as if you had put some white cement on top of your nails...that's sometimes what I feel when I see completely white nails. I mean white without any shimmer, pearl or foil finish. But thanks to the sparkles of Spark De Triomphe poping from underneath, this is not what happen at all! I was relieved. Finally I liked it very much! It's a sophisticated, trendy yet neat mani!

White Shatter over Spark De Triomphe (2 coats)

White Shatter over Spark De Triomphe (2 coats)

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  1. I LOVE Spark de Triomphe! It's my new favorite glitter! I actually love it with the red shatter from the other set on top!

  2. Sparkles and shatter?!?! *faints from sheer happiness* I shall be giving this a try today (I'll link back to you as my inspiration). Soooo pretty and now I'm considering the white shatter whereas I didn't want it all before....

  3. @Laquered Lover. Oh you tried Spark de triomphe with red shatter!! I've got to try this, too! seems pretty!

    @Serendipitously.create. Yeah, sparkles and shatter look great together. It's very pretty to see something super shiny and sparkly underneath a shattered polish. It gives more depth to the shattered polish.


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