Beam Me Scotty! with Suede finish

11:30 AM

Hi there~

OMG! I've got to present you the polish I'm wearing today because I find it totally stunning.
This is "Beam Me Scotty!" from the new Catrice collection called "Out of Space". This is a limited edition.

Beam Me Scotty! (Catrice), 2 coats, without top coat, with flash
I suggest you click on the picture to see the shimery matte finish better.

Beam Me Scotty! (I love the name lol) is a dark green/teal with a silver base tone. Sometimes it looks more dark teal and sometimes more dark green...depending on the lightening. And what is the most surprising about this polish is that it dries matte. It's not a true matte but a shimmery matte, exactly like OPI Suede finish
It's very opaque. You will only need 1 coat for full coverage (I used 2 because I'm not used to use only 1 coat). Application is super easy.
When you touch your nails, it feels like silk. I'ts really soft and smooth (like OPI Suede).

Another picture but without flash.

Beam Me Scotty! (Catrice), 2 coats, without top coat, witout flash

And finally I added a top coat and OMG again! I love it, too.

Beam Me Scotty! (Catrice), 2 coats, with top coat

Final verdict: Beam Me Scotty! is a total winner. The color is great, the finish is amazing  (shimmery matte or Suede) and the application is a real dream. This polish is a  really must-have. I may have to buy a back-up bottle, something I hardly ever do.

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  1. this is stunning! *adds to wishlist*

  2. I'm wanting this whole collection.

  3. I love the suede finish on this color . It is absolutely gorgeous . The color is very mysterious .

  4. i need too look at the whole collection because it looks cute

  5. I must find this polish and buy it, so darn pretty! Such a pretty finish to it, and sparklyyyy!

  6. This looks amazing! I have to get one bottle :)

  7. This is lovely - love the semi-matte finish.

  8. I am so in love!!!!! I want this one sooooo badly - stunning with and without the topcoat. I'd be buying TWO back up bottles. As always lovely swatches as well. I always look forward to your posts :)

  9. I love it, I had it in my hands but wasn't that exiceted about it, now I totally regret it :( don't know when I'm in Germany again to buy it, here in Holland it isn't coming :(

  10. Thank you so much, ladies, for all your lovely comments!

    It seems a lot of you would like this collection. I'm preparing a giveaway to thank all my lovely followers. So I think I'll add the whole "Out Of Space" Collection as a prize!

    I'm also preparing swatches for the all collection! So stay tuned :p

    @Serendipitously. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It means really a lot to me! thanks *hugs*

    @Little Miss Polish. Yeah, I love the shimmery matte finish but with the top coat, it gives a supplemntary dimension. I love how you can play with the different finishes!


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