Blue Hydrangea by Nubar

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Hi lovelies~

Today I'll introduce you to another polish from the Nubar Spring Garden Collection (2011) and that I got from the lovely people at
On Tuesday, I reviewed Honeysuckle from this same collection. For more details on the collection and swatches of Honeysuckle, click here.

The sky is super dark and grey here, so in order to brighten up my day, I applied a gorgeous sky blue polish called Blue Hydrangea.

Blue Hydrangea (Nubar), 2 coats, with top coat, natural light

Blue Hydrangea (Nubar), 2 coats, with top coat, artificial light
You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see the silvery white shimmer which gives a pretty pearl finish.

Blue Hydrangea (Nubar), 2 coats, with top coat, artificial light

Blue Hydrangea is a light sky blue polish with some silvery white shimmer in it. The shimmer creates a nice pearl finish. But don't be afraid, pearl here doesn't mean application is tricky. On the contrary, application was super easy, without any brush strokes visible. Blue Hydrangea is quite opaque, you will need 2 coats for full coverage and a nice even look.

I also tried to stamp with Honeysuckle (Nubar) I presented last time. And I was very pleased to discover Honeysuckle works perfectly well for stamping ;D
I used BM image plate 16.

Blue Hydrangea stamped with Honeysuckle, without flash

Blue Hydrangea stamped with Honeysuckle, with flash

Final verdict: Blue Hydrangea is a must-have for blue lovers. The color is really pretty, very spring-like but also perfect for summer or to brighten up a dull day. What makes this polish special is the pearl finish. A baby blue with a pearl finish is totally unique to my stash. I also love how easy it is to apply it. It dries really quickly. So that you don't need 1 hour to achieve this mani. 

Nubar nail polishes can be bought at or
 *Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*

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  1. Very pretty :) Those are my favorite flower and the polish is definitely on my wishlist!

  2. Love the color! It looks cute with the print too. :)

  3. I loved the pearl effect. I don't know any blue polish with this finish! Good choice!

  4. The stamping on this color is beautiful .

  5. how nice perfect color for summer.

  6. This is a really lovely blue, but I love the design you chose!

  7. Very pretty. I've just got these plates and now I know what the image will look like - thanks!

  8. Just lovely! I looove this light blue shade :)

  9. I really like this kind of light blue, even if I'm not a fan of pearl finish, but this polish looks good :)

  10. Such a sweet blue color :) and love the stamping on it <3

  11. Wow, this is really stunning :) Love this sky blue color :)

    Love Christine ♥

  12. Ohh I'm such a blue lover! This is so pretty, specially with the pearl finish <33 The stamping over it is super pretty too^^

  13. this is so stunning! i love it!


  14. @thenailaholic: thanks! yeah, I love this flower design! and the polish is just amazing!

    @Liz: thank you <3

    @Thakitty: yeah, this finish is very interesting! I don't know another light blue with a pearl finish either...that's why I love it!

    @Toyomi: thank you!

    @Deysi: thank you <3

    @Yami: thank you!!

    @Nailstyle: oh! you just got some stamping plates! I wanna see what you do with them now!!

    @Bookworm Nails: thanks! pretty blue, true!

    @Elsa: with this polish, the pearl finish is pretty but not tricky at all! It applies very well without any brush strokes! so I guess, you may like this kind of finish better!

    @Ambern: thank you!!

    @Sandra: you're so right! this blue is gorge ;D

    @Diana: thank you!!

    @Christine: thank you for your nice comment ;D

    @Audrey: thank you so much, lady! If you love blue, I'm pretty sure you'll love it if you try it!

    @Sara: thanks!!

  15. It's a really lovely colour indeed! And perfect as a stamping base :D

  16. That stamp is cute! And I agree with you that the color is a must-have. I'm adding it to my list of polishes to acquire now, lol.


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