DS Sapphire (pictures heavy)

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Hi there~

I've been wearing a gorgeous linear holo for a few days and I wanted to share it with you. This lovely is DS Sapphire (OPI).

DS Sapphire is part of OPI Designer Series and is sadly discontinued. The previous DS linear holo are not 3 free (OPI's older formula). 3 free means they are free from dibutyl phtalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene. And that's why OPI discontinued them because their new formula is now 3 free and "safer" for health.
And oh yeah, DS Sapphire has really a strong smell (due to this older formula).

DS Sapphire is really sheer. On the pictures below I used 4 coats. I guess it would be a great polish for layering. I will have to try to layer it over different color. I'm sure the result would be pretty interesting. I'lll let you know.

DS Sapphire is silvery but with a light purple underdone. I noticed it especially when you applied it, you can see some lilac in it....

The pictures were taken under artificial light.

DS Sapphire (OPI), 4 coats, with top coat (I didn't notice any difference in the holo effect with and without the top coat)

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

What do you think of linear holos? Do you mind that they are not 3 free?

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  1. Love love love holos! This is one I wish I'd gotten way back when, before my Trade Secret stopped carrying the DS line.

  2. *hands you ice-cream* Since you wanted one:)

    This is a pretty holo, its really light and sheer looking but still gorgeous holo colour to it. Not being 3 free part of me would be like thats not good but then the other part would be like its so darn pretty!!!

  3. are cute, I'm happy with the new chemical-free line that affects our health, since IPO at a time he refused to remove the chemicals that affect us, used in the mixture of its enamel, a goal that.



  4. Omg! Soo pretty! ♥


  5. Wow this gorgeous . I need this holo .

  6. This is gorgeous, I wish I had some polishes of this collection, they really look stunning :)

  7. One day I will own a holo *dreamy sigh* till then I will stare at your gorgeous mani and dream!

  8. Wow that is seriously beautiful! Great post :D

  9. Very pretty & I love the opacity that you achieved.

  10. Really beautiful♥
    Ps. Im a new follower, I love your blog :)

    Love Christine ♥


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