Fly Me To The Moon

10:57 PM

Hi there~

Today I will present you a mani I did for the "Monday Nail Art Challenge" of the Polish-aholics Anonymous FB group.

The theme was "sponging". So I decided to do a space mani because I wanted to blend different shades of blue with pink and black and because space has always facinated me.

So here is what I came up with.

Space mani

What I used:
- MNY 661, a metallic blue with subtile shimmer. I used it as the base color (it's the bottle I'm holding in the picture)
- Then I sponged with light blue, Art Deco Sky Blue,
 - MNY 107A, a metallic pink
 - and Essence 20 Fatal, a black cream.
- Finally I added Klean Color 28 Chunky Silver, for the hex silver glitters.
And it was done!

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  1. Very nice mani! I've already seen it on the FB group, but wanted to wait for your post here ;) Looks really space-y! ♥
    How many layers do you sponge one color usually?

  2. Thanks, Kayono!
    I used 2 coats of the blue base coat. And then took some polish on a makeup songe (I painted the sponge a part of the sponge with the polish lol) and dabbed it slowly onto the nail (2-3 times). Here I sponged with 3 different colors (light blue, pink and black). I first sponged the light blue and then went a little over it with the pink and black.

  3. Thats amazing! Wow fabulous looking, even before I read your comments to it I was thinking it looked very galaxy spacy looking! Seriously beautiful work and an awesome sponge mani!!

  4. Wow this is pretty amazing . Looks very trippy & psychedelic in a way . I like it a lot .

  5. I saw this is the group, but I had to tell you here too, I think this is awesome!! Oh and now I'm singing fly me to the moon, thanks ;)

  6. Nice combo! Looks psychedelic. :D

  7. I LOVE this. You did a great job :)

  8. Gorgeous! I love the big chunky glitters.

  9. So fun! I love it! The sparkles really make it pop!

  10. thanks girls for all your lovely comments! they are really precious to me! <3

    @ambern1984: thank you so much! Now I'm also singing it!^^ lol

  11. Wow Karine, that is absolutely gorgeous! I think this is my favorite mani now. ^_^

  12. I was just thinking about doing a space mani - I LOVE your results and the silver hex glitter really gives it that little something extra. Think you could do a tutorial on sponging? Your results are fantastic!

  13. Rie, Dana and Seren, thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    Serena, I will try to do a tuto on sponging next time I'll do a "sponge mani" (do we say that? lol), with intermediate steps and more explanations. Thanks for your request, I'm always interested in your feedback!

  14. Love how these look, the sponging works so well!

    L x

  15. Gorgeous! I still need to try sponging--one of these days.

  16. Thanks Laura and Karen! Yeah, sponging is fun! you should give it a try, Karen ;D

  17. Me too I did a space manicure in the past, it was one of my favourites, and yours too is very well done, big size glitters are perfect planets!


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