Honeysuckle by Nubar

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Hi there~

Today I have a bright, full of sun nail polish to present you. It's Honeysuckle (Nubar).
This lovely is part of the Nubar Spring Garden Collection (2011) which consists of 8 polishes. All of them are pastels except Honeysuckle which is more vibrant.

This collection is described by Nubar as follows.
"Take a leisurely stroll down the Earthen path through The Spring Garden, the scent of Pink Lily in the air.  The fresh colors of early Spring abound, with the soft green of the Baby Sprout, gentle shade of Blue Hydrangea, delicate Yellow Primrose, silky Purple Aster, fresh White Peony, and the lively Honeysuckle, you can enhanced each with a coat of the elegant sparkle of Dewdrop, to be purchased seperately."
Nubar polishes are free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, perfect for healthy nails!

Honeysuckle (Nubar), 2 coats, without top coat, with flash.

Honeysuckle is a bright, cheerful medium pink, nearly berry-toned. It's a cream with a very good coverage. I used 2 coats. Application was a real dream. It dries quite glossy. Pictures are without top coat.

One this last picture, I added some green and lime glossy stickers. I think they are so in the same theme as Honeysuckle. So bold and so pretty.

Both pictures were taken with flash since the color is more accurate. Very brigh colors tend to look too dull without flash.

Final verdict: This is the perfect pink shade for sunny days. It's so bright yet very wearable. Sometimes I have difficulties wearing bright or neon shades but here it's not the case because this pink is so refreshing and lovely I can't stop loving it. Application is also great, you can achieve your mani in 5 minutes.

Nubar nail polishes can be bought at http://www.beautyshed.co.uk or http://www.bynubar.com.

*Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*

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  1. I haven't gotten any of them, mostly because they are all pastel. This is in my Amazon cart though, I LOVE bright creams!

  2. I love the last touch i would never think to do this because i would think its too bold but now that i see it done im super impressed!!!

  3. @The Nailholic, I understand what you mean. Last year I didn't like pastels so much but I've started changing my mind! I like adding a coat of OPI I Juggle...Men on top of light cremes or pastels and I adore them like that!

    @Liz, thank you! I had to try this! I just had these stickers under my hands and I thought it could look funny with Honeysuckle! ;D

  4. This is such a pretty pink! I love a polish with good application :) You're right its very summery^^

  5. You are making my wish list longer! That is such a yummy pink - the stickers were a REALLY nice touch too

  6. wow, talk about a great barbie pink! love it!

  7. I love this pink :)
    maybe you would like to enter my free giveaway :)


  8. This color looks fantastic! Pinks can never go wrong! Gorgeous!

  9. Really pretty color! I love pinks! I just wish Nubar was more available to me ;)

    Tsss, now you read about the award before I could write about it to you... ^^; Ok, so I hereby want to give it to you officially. You know where to find it xD

  10. Wow I love the rhinestones on this color . LOoks great :D

  11. @Audrey: yeah, polishes with good application are the best because you can do a mani really quickly and it will look great!

    @Seren: haha! blogging always makes you discover polishes you so want to try! thanks!

    @Courteney: thank you!

    @Flicks&Flashes: thanks! I'll check your blog!

    @Steelnpurple! thank you. Yeah, pinks are great, esp this one!

    @Kayono: I used to buy Nubar on nailetc, where you can also find some Zoya. But now, I've seen a British site that is great (http://www.beautyshed.co.uk/)
    Haha! yeah, I came across you blog yesterday and saw it ;D thank you so much! (official thanks!)

    @Toyomi: thank you!! ;D


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