Simply Summer!!

10:37 PM

Hi there~

Summer has just begun and I wanted to do a mani to celebrate it!

To achieve this summer mani, I used Simply Smashing (OPI) as the base color. It's a bright and shimmery yellow-green nail polish that was launched for the Australian Open and is part of the Serena Willliams collection. It has a foil metallic finish and is rather on the sheer side. So you have to use 3 coats to reach full opacitiy.The application was really good, flawless. It's really bright and you've got the impression it's glowing from the inside. 
I love this polish like crazy. When I first saw it either on swatches or even when I had the bottle in my hands, I believed I wouldn't really like it but when I had it on my nails, it was love! It's a very unusual color!

Simply Smashing (OPI), 3 coats, without top coat

Then, I used a make-up sponge to create a gradation using orange (Lana - Zoya) and red (Sarah - Zoya). I put some polish directly onto the sponge, sponged once or twice on a paper and then onto the nails.

Simply Smashing (OPI), sponged with Lana (Zoya) and Sarah (Zoya)

Finally, I took my Konad (M29) and BM (01) image plates to stamp pineapples, palm trees, suns and a "Aloha".
For the pineapples and the plam tree, I used Teas-y Does It (OPI) for the brown shade and 102 Catch Me (Klean Color).  For the red designs, I used Sarah (Zoya).

In order to achieve a bicolor stamping, I apply a green color on the leaves and a brown one on the fruit as shown underneath.

And here is the final result!!

I will also show you  my right hand because I did the same design but all in red and I liked it, too!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them!

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  1. Pretty! It really screams "summer"! Love the colors ♥

  2. When you sponge, where/what do you pour the polish into? What sort of sponge do you use? I'm so intrigued yet intimidated!

  3. hello, this very nice stamping

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    los espero saludos desde Perù

  4. Jeeze, I'm a dork. I see you used a standard make-up sponge. My reading comprehension skills suck.

  5. This is a gorgeous mani . I love the stamping , the colors , just everything .

  6. That's a very pretty and bright mani! Perfect for the summertime!

  7. Thank you very much for all your nice comments, ladies!!

    Hermione, don't worry! ;D Yeah, I used a make up sponge. I applied some polish (just a little) directly on the sponge and then dabed it on a paper first to take the excess of pollish off. and then onto the nails. you've got to dabed lightly a few times on the nails. It's quite easy to do.
    Does it make sens or should I explain it with pictures?

  8. what a pretty mani... I love your blog

  9. Really summer!

    I like it :)

  10. Ah, gotcha on the polish! I bet sponging works best with a sparkly polishes like those awesome Zoya's. I wore Rica, that simmering golden orange, this past week and I swear it was like suns on my fingers! That would be an awesome sponger!

  11. This is so cute! I just bought a konad kit today, I can't wait until it arrives!

  12. That is such a pretty and summery mani, LOVE it <3

  13. Hermione, Rica is awesome! unfortunately I don't have her...she will be in my next Zoya order! Sponging also works with cremes. And with sparkly polishes it gives a brighter look.

    Nails and Noms, you've got to show us your manis with Konad!!

    BlingerNails, thank you!!

  14. I love how this turned out!


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