Zoya Mimi vs Catrice Forget Me Not - Dupe?

12:22 AM

Hi there~

Today I have a comparison post between 2 lovely purple polishes: Mimi (Zoya) and Forget Me Not (Catrice). In the following text, I'll use the abbreviation FMN for Forget Me Not.
I previously swatched Mimi here and did a Zoya purple comparison there.

Both of them are royal purple with microglitters.

Forget Me Not is on my index and middle finger and Mimi on my ring finger (3rd nail from the left).

Honestly it's very very hard to see any difference between FMN and Mimi. However, when you apply the first layer of polish, you can spot some pink microglitters in Mimi that you don't have in FMN. In FMN you rather have some silver microglitters which are slightly smaller than Mimi's. Nevertheless the overwhole effect (color) is nearly the same in both polishes. Even in sunlight, you can't really tell the difference between them. This tiny difference in glitters (pink vs silver) is no more visible when you apply a 2nd coat of polish.

The main difference between them is the opacity. FMN is more opaque. On this picture I used 2 coats for both polishes. You can clearly see that you have some visible nail line with Mimi (2 coats) while FMN is totally opaque.
However, if you apply 3 coats of Mimi, look at what you get.

Can you see any differences here? Forget Me Not (Catrice) is on my index and middle finger and Mimi (Zoya) on my ring finger and pinkie.

So finally I would say that FMN and Mimi are really close. From a color and texture point of view, I would say they are identical. In my opinion, the only difference lay in their opacity. FMN is more opaque. Application was easy with both polishes.

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  1. This looks kind of close to China Glaze Grape Juice! Thanks for the comaprison :)

  2. Ooh, good post! That Zoya polish is soo gorgeous! And your pictures are always so lovely :D

  3. Both gorgeous! Good job spotting the similarity! I don't have either of them but I have my eye on Mimi.

  4. love mimi :) beautiful. looks good on you too :)

  5. Wow, both off these are gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. Both polishes are great!

  7. is the favorite color of my baby, this cute, I love most when you shine, I can not handle the temptation, lol bye


  8. @Vernonica. I don't have China Glaze Grape Juice but yeah, it seems also quite close! ;D

    @Bookworm Nails. Thank you soooo much for your nice compliments about my pictures! It's not always very easy do take good pictures...lol

    @Laura. Thanks!! Yeah, Mimi is a gorgeous purple! I love it!

    @Jenna, The Lacquer Factor, Christine and imfeelingnail-venturous! Thank you <3

    @Deysi. Thank you. I also love purple! It's a beautiful color!

  9. Wow. I cannot believe I haven't seen either of these polishes before. They are both stunning and excellent dupes of each other!

  10. They look identical and so pretty!

  11. Great comparison! I just got the Catrice in a swap--can't recall if I have Mimi, but it seems likely since it's purple. :)

  12. Honestly I tried looking super close and I can not tell the difference - I love the color and the finish though! Thinking I need to get Mimi though. Thanks for sharing!

  13. thanks for this comparison! now i don't need mimi :)

  14. I like the catrice, it's more opaque. I will be hunting this down..thank you !!! loool


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