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Have you head about the new Essence Colour&Go collection? They have released a bunch of new mini nail polishes! You can see all the new colors here.

I'm quite excited to present this polish today because it is said to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe, a polish released for Fall 2010.

So here are the pictures of "Blue Addicted".

This is a dark blue jelly packed with small blue glitters and large green and blue hex glitters!
It looks spectacular on the nails. Very shiny and festive but with a kind of dramatic dimension due to the dark base.

Final verdict: This is a very ocean-like polish...with its deep blue jelly and moreover you have the bling bling of the glitters that gives a more festive aspect to this polish. It is believed to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe. I don't have this polish but from what I've seen, they seem indeed really really close. The major difference is their price, I guess. Across The Universe costs $18 (for 15 mL) while Blue Addicted is around $2 (for 5mL)!
The application of Blue Addicted was a little tricky because the polish is rather thick but this is not something unmanageable. As it's a jelly, it needs 3 coats to be fully opaque.
Overall, I think it's a very nice polish that Essence launched and I'm very happy to see they make really trendy polish for also a nice price.

Is there any polishes from this new line you're interested in?

And another thing...

My Catrice Out Of Space Giveaway is now closed. I would like to sincerely thank all my followers because you are just amazing! thank you so much for reading, commenting and enjoying my blog! and wow, I nearly have 500 followers now...should I be preparing something for when I reach this new milestone?...
The winner will be chosen randomly soon! So stay tuned!

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  1. Very pretty! I think the glitter might be a little bigger compared to ATU but it's definitely a very close dupe! I won't be picking this up because I already have the DL but I'm very excited to see some other colors of the new Colour&Go's. They're not available here yet unfortunately...

  2. I love this!! I need it. I don't have Across THe Universe or anything that looks like it!

  3. Wow look at all those glitters !

  4. Wow it's so pretty!! :) I wish we had Essence here ... x

  5. I recently bought my first essence polish and it applied like a dream. Unfortunately, my ULTA doesn't frequently restock them. I will have to go hunting for this one, though. It is gorgeous!

  6. Love that polish :) wish essence was available here :)

  7. now i need to buy that nail polish! it's awesome.

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  8. I really like this one. Although I find Essence to be really hard to remove when it comes to glitter, this one is too gorgeous not to have and wear it. :)

  9. Tiens, je ne l'ai pas encore vu celui-là... Mais il a l'air supra cute *___*
    Neeeeeeeeed it !

    Tiens question bête, t'es de quelle ville ? L'autre jour je faisais le tour des blogs suisses et je me suis demandée d'ou tu venais réellement, il me semble pas que tu me l'aies dit.


  10. Thank you for this post. I have a DL 'ATU' mini that's 1/2 done...I'm glad to know I won't have to shell out $18.00 for a bottle. $2 works for me! lol

  11. These glitters are to die for. *_*

  12. Thanks you everyone!
    They will certainly be available in the US soon...but I haven't heard of a launching date or sth like that yet...

  13. Je te reponds ici, c'est vrai que j'aime beaucoup blogger, mais la réponse aux commentaires est un peu chiante =(

    Ah on est "voisines" alors ^^ Je suis de GE aussi, on est pas mal de blogueuses à GE.
    Bisous =)

  14. Héhé Je l'adore celui ci !! Et en plus il est lisse, quelle merveille <3 Contetne de découvrir ce blog, j'aime bcp !

  15. OMG! this is totally gorgeous nail polish color! looks amazing!


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