Color to diner for and Konad design

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I hope you're all doing well!

Today I have a beautiful polish from OPI Touring America Collection (Fall 2011) and this is "Color To Diner For".
When I started painting my nails and before I became a true polishaholic,  I didn't like red polishes because I tought it was a too classical color but I've slowly changed my mind and now I think red polishes are always classy.

Color To Diner For is a gorgeous shimmery red. The shimmer is not that visible in the shade, but you can see it in the sun very has different undertones slightly orange sometimes and also fushia.

I wore it like that for a whole week (yeah 6 days in fact) and then decided to redo my mani with it O_o...and kept it for 1 day and then added a Konad design (M64, stamped with Konad special polish in Blue Pearl).

Final vedict: I think I'm in love with this polish. Of course, it's not a super special and unusual polish but I love it. I love the color and shimmer. Application was flawless and I could keep this mani for 6 day with minor chipping only. I used 3 coats for the pictures, 2 are required for full opacity but I did a 3rd one because I'm a 3-coater I believe.

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  1. Love this! I swatched it and never posted pictures.. I should get to that lol

  2. I love the polish and all but that view is to for!!!!

  3. this is very pretty... I was the same way, I was not too into red polish, but now I like it a lot. WOW 6 days not bad.. the stamping came out good too :)

  4. I totally agree Red is always classy!! And this one is very pretty

  5. Gorgeous color! I don't wear red much anymore so I tend to not buy them much anymore but that one is very pretty.

  6. great pics! the shimmer w the pearl of the stamp is super pretty :D

  7. Its a super pretty color~
    And I love that design you did in the first picture!

  8. Super cute post! Love the polish and the design!

  9. Love the color combination and the design you chose. They pair together well!

  10. Man I knew I should have bought this when I saw it! Awesome!


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