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Hi there~

Some time ago, I showed you a very interesting "Scandal" polish. You can read my post about it and look at its swatches there.
I found more information about this brand so I wanted to share this with you.
Also, I'll swatch soon 2 other Scandal polishes I bought. You can already have a look at the bottles. The dark green seems gorgeous! I can't wait to try it.

Scandal nail polishes Green Pearl - Mirage Pink - Dynamic Pink.

 So these polishes are from the Korean brand "Scandal". It's a cosmetic brand that sells all kind of cosmetics (make up, body care, nail care and polishes).
The first time I saw these lovely bottles of nail polish, I thought they were an imitation of Nfu Oh because the bottles are so alike. By the way, I did a bottle comparison in my post about Mirage Pink. So I thought their quality might be not that good. But I was totally wrong. The 3 polishes I have are a really dream! The application is great and the color, texture and finish of each polish is just breathtaking.
So I searched the net for more information and found some pictures of their main polishes. They have 4 different categories of polishes (the gold, silver and black lines are all corset-bottles and a another one with a more conventional bottle shape). I don't really know why there is a gold, silver and black line...When I bought mine in Seoul, the seller just told me the price was different according to the cap color...this is true for the Korean websites but on international websites that sell Scandal polishes, all gold, silver and black are the same price (btw more expensive than the Korean websites).

The different polishes

I lent the pictures from and You can also buy polishes from them but as these sites are in Korean it might be a little difficult and I don't know if they sell internationally (the 2nd don't, I haven't checked for dr-angus). But I'll give you another link in 5 sec.
Technical Part
I found the following info on (again it's just in Korean....and my Korean skills are limited so I apologize if there are some mistakes...but it should be all right :p).
Scandal nail polishes contain: butyl acetate, ethyacetate, nitrocellulose, phtalicanhydride/trimellitic anhydride/glycols stearalkonium hectorite, silicadi methyl skyliate, dipropylene glycol dibenzoate, benzophenone-1, ethyl, alcool, citric acid, mica, bismuth oxychloride, aluminium lake, tocopheryl acetate.
These ingredients are for the 4th line of polishes (more conventional bottle shape). For the others, there are special ingredients (coral powder, rose hip oil).
Bottle size: 15 mL.
They also claim they have a special fabrication process that is called "micro high dispersion (MHD)". This system allows them to have high shine and high quality polishes.
They also use a "Sucrose  Polish  Agent" that makes it easier to have a uniform layer of polish and a higher stabiliy of the polish solution. It also increases the brightness of the color film.
They also use some coral powder that contains magnesium, calcium and potassium salts that protect and give you healthy nails.
Finally their polishes also contain rose hip oil. This oil is supposed to have beneficial effects on the skin. It improves skin quality and appearance for example. This oil as a high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids, namely linoleic acid (47%), linolenic acid (33%). These fatty acids help to nourish and maintain a healthy skin. Rose hip oil is also supposed to strengthen and moisturize the nails, and stimulate their growth if you massage them with the pure oil.

All Scandal polishes are formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) free.

Where you can buy:
Nailissima: this is a French website but they sell internationally (shipping costs: 5.5€ to France, 15.9€ for international shipping)
Banzailiving: a US website, don't sell internationally, USA only (shipping costs: if you buy for <$20: $7.50, between $20-$75: $9.99, $75-$150: $13.99, $150-$200: $15.99, >$200: free)
Korean sites: Kissnail, Domaeya, Kimmyshow, ....

I hope this post will help people interested in this brand.
Are there any Scandal polishes you're interested in?

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  1. These are so cute! I love the bottles!

  2. Wow these all look so pretty, i thought it was nfu-oh at first! The ones you got look so good! Would love to get some of these:D

  3. They look inspired by Nfu Oh bottles, but the colors are very different. I like these also very much! <3

  4. I so want to try these but like nfu oh impossible if you are in oz

  5. Thank you so much for this interesting post. I have never heard of this brand before but I will check it out for sure ^_^

  6. I love mirage pink! It's one of my faves. I only have 2 Scandal polishes but I definitely need more!!!! Thanks for the links :)

  7. Dynamic pink is gorgeous! Thanks for the info!

  8. Checking out that US seller now. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. This brand seems to have very interesting colours! Love it!

  10. Very pretty colors! The ones you got for yourself are really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this info with us :) I might have to try the French site.

  11. WOW! They're all so pretty! I need to get myself some of those too!!!! I guess I'll have to plan a vacation to Korea soon!!!!! :-D

  12. Oooh, some of the black label ones look like jellies! Thanks for the links! ^_^

  13. Lot of fun colors, I can't get over the bottles!

  14. Thanks for the info these look so cool, I love the pink you got, and I love the fact that they have ingredients that are good for your nails.

  15. Thanks for sharing these! They do have quite the variety.

  16. I love those colours...but why did they copy the Nfu oh bottle. That irks me a little. Not so much that I won't put in an order though!! Thanks for the links!

  17. Lots of great info here, thanks! A lot of those glitters look interesting to me.

  18. If you want Scandal nail polish at a cheap price and you live in Sydney, Australia, go to a shop called Yunina in Strathfield Plaza. Really cheap (:

  19. Visit or the Scandal Cosmetics showroom at Auburn!

  20. Another shop in Sydney, Aus is the one on the corner of Sussex and Goulburn. Can't remember the name but I stopped for the bottles and stayed for the colours! Awesome!


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