Cherry Cordial (Nubar duochrome)

1:53 PM

Hi there~

Today I have a nice brown-cherry duochrome polish to show you. It's Nubar Cherry Cordial. It was released as a part of Nubar's Chocolate Truffles collection (Fall 2009). This collection has some gorgeous chocolate, candy, and caramel colors. So yummy~

 It's described by Nubar as a medium red brown shimmer (NCT1089 Cherry Cordial).

I took so many pictures because this polish can show so many different aspects. Every picture holds a different detail...

You can see some yellow-greenish brown on the upper part of the nails.


Here you can see the cherry part of the polish. It's visible especially in the sun.

Yummy brown chocolate color here!

Final Verdict: Cherry Cordial is a very interesting polish. The colors range from cherry brown to chocolate brown and you can also see some yellow-greenish duochrome flashing on the sides of the nails. On these pictures, I used 2 coats, with top coat. Application was flawless. A perfect fall polish!

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