Dark Purple Holo by Glitter Gal

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I hope you're all doing well and having a nice weekend!
Today I have one of my all time favorite polish to show you. This is Dark Purple3D/ Holo by Glitter Gal.

I was lucky there was some sun when I took this picture. Today it's raining and no sun at all...

So Dark Purple is a grape purple linear holo polish. The color is so deep and vibrant, it's incredibly beautiful! It's certainly the strongest holo polish I've ever seen.
When I wear it, I feel like I have diamonds on my nails. It's so shiny and glittery and holo!

Final verdict: Oh my! Be careful! This polish will quickly become your number 1 if you have it! The purple is really deep and beautiful. The holo effect is super strong. Moreover, application is super easy. It applied very smoothly and does not require a special base coat. Top coat doesn't seem to dull the holo effect. It's much more pigmented than the 2 other Glitter Gal polishes I've showed you until now (Light as a Feather and  Fuchsia). You will need 2 coats to get full opacity. This polish is total winner! A must-have for purple lover!...I think I'm in love with it!!

Glitter Gal polishes can be purchased at Llarowe. This is the US stockist for Glitter Gal, Ozotic, and A England polishes, 3 awesome nail polishes brands.They sell internationally and have an awesome customer service.

Oh, I also wanted to share with you something I'm so excited about! The lovely owner of Llarow will have a new polish line in stock soon, Ludurana polishes. This is a Brazilian nail polish brand and their last collection is just amazing. It's composed of 6 multichromes and 6 crazy holo polishes.You can see the preview of these polishes on the picture below.

Amazing, isn't it?

She will also have another Brazilian brand in stock soon. This brand is HITS. I don't know if you have heard of it but they also have a crazy line of holo polishes!! The name of the collection is "Hits no Olimpo".

All these beauties will soon be available at Llarowe. They sell internationally! ;D

*Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*

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  1. Wow, this is really beautiful. I need to get my hands on these :)

  2. I want to place the most massive order for Glitter Gal holos, lol! Oh man, this is gorgeous! <3

  3. Okay, that settles it. When Llarowe starts carrying the Brazilian stuff I am placing one massive order for Glitter Gals, a-englands, and Ludurana. OMG. That is stunning.

  4. Love the purple! I can't wait to see the others, they look incredible!

  5. It kills me how much I want all of these. I need a job with Llarowe!!!!

  6. I love all of the information about the Brazilian nail polish brands! Your posts are always so informative :)

    And I looove this purple holo polish too! Sooo gorgeous

  7. Oh my gosh, those Brazilian polishes! Guess I better go on a mini no buy and save up for... ALL of them! lol!

  8. i have something similiar.

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    Please follow me if you're not already. I'd love to get more followers! I'll follow you back.

  9. I saw that preview image collection on other blogs and I would like to see them on nails, picture looks so promising!

  10. oooooo beautiful!!! I love this holo!!

  11. I've been lemming this polish and fighting the urge to buy it. Your swatches are amazing. I don't think I can fight this battle anymore LOL

  12. Thanks mate, from the Glitter Gals - xoxoxox

  13. beautiful nail polish! reminds me of my little pony >.< and that ad for the new range looks like a dream :)

  14. thank you all! I'm glad you like it and you're also looking forward to these amazing Brazilian polishes ;D


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