Gold Shatter (OPI) review

8:43 PM

Hi there~

Today bright lights on OPI Gold Shatter!
I haven't seen many pictures of this shatter yet...I don't really know why. Maybe because it's rather a "holiday polish" or because you're over shatter...

Anyway. Here it is!

So OPI Gold Shatter has exactly the same texture and finish as silver shatter. Both are really shiny. The only difference is that my Gold Shatter was rather on the thin-side while my Silver Shatter was thick. Gold Shatter was even a little too thin so that I had to let the lid open a few minutes in order to thicken it a bit. I think it works better this way. I mean, the shattered pattern looks better.

Can you see how shiny it is!

This is my's pretty rare you can see it :p

Final verdict: I have a few shatters but eventually I haven't used them that much...Shatters can either look super cool and original or look not so clean and neat...and that's what I'm always a bit afraid of...I've tried different combos with Gold Shatter but I think the black/gold combo looks the best. I prefer when you have a great difference between the base color and the shatter color. What I really like about Gold Shatter is it's super bright and shiny. It sparkles a lot and that's its true value IMO. It's the perfect shatter for the holidays. So I quite like it for this reason. However that's not a "I love it" but this due to the fact that I'm not a huge shatter lover. If you love crackled looks, I'm sure you'll be in love with Gold Shatter. Application was all right. Mine was a little too thin IMO. So I let it get thicker by opening the lip for a few minutes. A top coat is required to make it really sparkly.

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  1. I definitely love the black and gold combination. That is really really sassy!

  2. The black and gold is such a good combo! I need to go find some gold shatter!

  3. Pure gorgeousness!!! I have the silver one still untried..

  4. it looks cool, I just dont know if I want more shatters..

  5. the black and gold is so pretty!


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