Multichrome holo combo with Ozotic 505 and Glitter Gal Silver 3D/Holo

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As I said yesterday, this week will be dedicated to Ozotic polishes. Ozotic polishes are from Australia. They are really famous for their multichrome polishes. They also have holographic polishes (I'll show you an example during this week) and a fine mutlichrome glitter line called Elytra.

So I did my first mani of the week with Ozotic 505, which is a multichrome polish that shifts from green to cyan to purple. According to Picture Polish (Australian distributor), #505 "contains a unique light interference pigment, which creates more than a subtle variation of colour, an almost magical transfomation in appearance!  Colours vary depending on the angle the light falls on your nail!" 
This polish is very very sheer so you have to layer it on top of a black (or dark) base. I will show this baby also in the current the week.

And the second polish I used is Glitter Gal Silver 3D/Holo (707H). This is the most amazing holo top coat I've never seen cos you only need a thin coat to transform your polish in a beautiful holographic polish.
I've done a review of this crazy polish here.

Here you can see the icy blue with the black base. And everything is made holo thanks to Glitter Gal Silver 3D/Holo.

So my layering order: 
  • 1 coat of Color Club Revvolution. This is a charcoal/black scatteed holo. But sincerely you can use here a black creme and it won't change anything! I tried! It's just that I don't have a nice black creme so I used this one instead.
  • 2 coats of Ozotic 505. This is the multichrome polish that shifts from green to blue and purple.
  • 1 thin coat of Glitter Gal Silver 3D/Holo (707H). This is the holo top coat.

Here is the green!

Now you have a teal with some purple (difficult to see...) on the edges.

Blue + purple + black + holo!

Purple dream~

Purple again...because I love it!

Black holo!

And here you can really see the multichrome effect with the green and purple. This picture was taken in daylight (low light) but away from the sun, in a room.

I took so many picture because it keeps looking different everytime!

Bare it in mind that it's only one single combo here! I did not change anything except the light for all these pictures. This combo is a real chameleon!


Final verdict: I'm so happy with this combo. It's so special and beautiful. Sincerely if you love holo and/or multichrome, you should try something like this! ;D It's really fun to do and wear. 
I saw yesterday a swatch of the new Ozotic polish from their Mish Mash collection, it's number 532 and I was really amazed on how close this one looks like my combo...The Mish Mash collection is a collection of 4 polishes that are multichrome and holo at the same time.
You can have a look at  #532 on Adventures in Acetone. It seems to be so close to the combo I've made here...!

Glitter Gal and Ozotic polishes can be purchased at Llarowe. This is the US stockist for Glitter Gal, Ozotic, A England, and Hits polishes, 4 awesome nail polishes brands.They sell internationally and have an awesome customer service.
Ozotic polishes can also be purchased from Picture Polish online shop. Stephanie from Packer Lacquer is also an US stockist for Picture Polish and Ozotics polishes.

*Glitter Gal product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*

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