Nicki Minaj Teams Up With O.P.I For Nail Polish Line

11:06 PM

Hi there~

A quick post to let you know OPI will be releasing a new products line in association with Nicki Minaj.

The polishes consist in one shatter and five Nicki-inspired colors.

  • Super Bass, a deep shimmering purple Shatter
  • Metallic 4 Life, "This charcoal spakle flies with the stars in the skies"
  • Save Me, "I drove for miles just to find this silver rainbow glitter"
  • Fly, "I came to win, to fight...and to wear this aqua"
  • Did It On 'Em, "A lusty little lacquer that loves the "lime"-light"
  • Pink Friday, "Kick off the weekend with this mesmerizing pink"
They will be released in January.
OMG! I can't wait!  "Metallic 4 Life" and "Save Me" interest me the most! The blue and yellow reminds me of Shreck collection...!

Pictures and information: OPI Facebook page.

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