Scandal polishes update!

9:46 PM


This is a quick update on Scandal nail polishes. Last week, I presented you a gorgeous green jelly packed with silver glitters, callled 5897 Green Pearl.

Amber makes me notice it was unfortunately not available on Nailissima or Banzailiving. So I asked both sites and soon afterwards I got a message from the lovely owner of Nailissima telling me 5897 Green Pearl was part of a new collection. This new collection will be soon available at Nailissima! So if you want it, you just have to wait a little until it's in stock.
On the contrary, I didn't get any feedback from Banailiving...

Here are some pictures! This is just a very small part of this amazing nail polish brand ;D

These pretties are already available at Nailissima!

These pretties are already available at Nailissima!

I also got this information from Nailissima so that you can check all the different colors.

Better resolution of this huge picture here where you can see more details of the polishes!
There are some gorgeous colors among them like for example 5897 Green Pearl (this is a link to my swatches).

What are your thoughts about these polishes, girls?

Pictures in this post are from this site.

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