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5:42 PM

I'm changing my blogger template so I'm sorry if there is some issues for the moment on  my blog.
Everything will be back in order soon! ;D
I know there is no widget for the moment...So I'll have to decide if I keep this new template or if I go back to my older with all the widgets...
What do you think? Do you prefer this blog design?

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  1. Personally, I find this template kind of confusing, But do what ever you want with your blog, it's yours and I'm sure everyone will keep reading! :) :)

  2. I like it a lot, I'm really not a fan of all the tacky looking blog layouts I usually see around. :c

  3. Veronica, thank you for giving me your opinion! I want my blog to be pleasant for my readers as well because YOU read it! ;D so I'm glad to hear your feedback!

    Cass, I also love "clean" background...and I like this new one. Unfortunately the widgets are not available in this new template so I may swtich back to my older template and wait that the guys at blogger make this new feature better!


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