HITS new releases: Multichromes and Powerpuff girls collection!

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This is a quick post because I don't have much time...sorry. But I wanted to share this info with you, guys!

HITS Speciallità, the famous Brazilian brand, will release a new line of multichrome polishes!

Their names: Artsy, Chameleon, Cool, Cutie Pie, Daring, Dreamer, Trendy, and Unconventional.

I've no idea yet how they compare to Ozotic or Ludurana polishes so I'm looking forward to see some swatches of them! 

You can eith buy them one by one or they are also sold in a cute pack of 4 polishes. So there are 2 different packs.

And HITS will also release a Powerpuff girls collection.
Doce de leite, Girl Power, Florzinha, Lovely, Pretty, Lindinha, Docinho, Powerful, Elemento X.

Awww...how cute is that?
They will be on the Brazilian market from December 2nd.

Llarowe should get Powerpuff girls collection and the Mari Moon (multichrome) polishes soon. They will have to pass her quality test and if they do, they will be sold on her site! What great news!

Sources: Speciallità's FB page, 9ml blog. If you don't know 9ml and you are interested in Brazilian polishes, I recommand visit her site because it's great!

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