Essence Circus Circus Trend Edition: Swatches and Review

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I have the new Essence Trend Editions to share with you today. It's called "Circus Circus" and it is the December collection. On the 1st of December I saw it was already in store but unfortunately I could only find 2 of the 4 polishes of the collection. I just went back today and I still couldn't find the other polishes...the displays are already nearly empty...
04 Cotton Candy (pink), 01 My Sparkling Acrobat (gold/black).

All the polishes from this collection are made into 2 parts: one is a cream and the other is a glitter polish.
So let's see the first one, 01 My Sparking Acrobat.

Final verdict for My Sparkling Acrobat:
This is a super well pigmented black cream. It can technically be opaque in one coat but here I did two.  It dries very glossy and application is really easy. The glitter part is made of very fine gold microglitters and larger square gold glitters. On the above pictures, I used 1 coat of glitters.

 The next one is 04 Cotton Candy.

Final verdict for Cotton Candy:
This is again a super well pigmented cream, hot pink here. It can also be opaque in one coat but here I did tow. Application was also flawless. The glitters here are a little less interesting. They consist only a magenta microglitters. Usually I'm not a fan of polishes with only microglitters but finally here I found the overall results quite pretty because it's very sparkly and girly although it's not my favorite combo. 

General thoughts ont the collection:
I must admit I was super excited to see this collection with my own eyes. And I was surprized to find it was already on sale on the 1st of December. However the displays were already almost empty. Again today, I went to 3 different shops and in none of them I could find the two other polishes (see preview picture bellow) although these 2 shades were my favorites...I hope I'll be able to find the missing ones!

You have to be a little careful when manipulating the bottle because, as the cap is quite heavy (it's the other part of the polish), you may spill some polish if you don't put back the cap correctly. Otherwise, the idea is really nice and original!
My Sparkling Acrobat is a super nice polish. The gold glitters on the black base really pop and it looks very festive. Moreover I love that Essence used square glitters because I love square glitters (more than hex for example) and with the microglitters that almost look like gold powder, this create a really pretty pattern. For Cotton Candy, I think the combination is really pretty. However I would have prefered a more complex game of glitters. Just one type and size of glitters is not the funnies IMO.
Each polish contains 8 mL (4 mL on each side) so this is much less than the "regular" TE bottles. And also be aware that the price is higher, it's CHF 4.50 ($5.0)/polish.

Purchase info:
If you are located in Europe, you can currently find the Essence TE - Circus Circus collection in some beauty supplies or drugstores. Unfortunately, as far as I know, they are not sold on internet so I cannot recommand any website...maybe try ebay... I'm not sure if this collection will come to the US. Some Essence collections come to the US but later than in Europe.
     * 01 My Sparkling Acrobat     * 02 Don’t Feed The Tiger     * 03 Applause Applause     * 04 Cotton Candy
Dont Feed The Tiger looks amazing! There are 2 different colors of glitters: black and gold. I loooove black glitters, they are so unusual! And Applause Applause also look super pretty and a perfect for Christmas! I hope I'll find them!

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