A new army of duochrome polishes is getting ready!

1:23 PM


Look at what I just found on Ludurana FB page! A brand new line of duochrome polishes! 
The colors seem different from the colors of Hits, Ozotic or Luduran Aaurora Boreal multi, their previous multichrome line, at least some colors! 

You can click on the picture to enlarge it!

The different colors:
  • yellow-green
  • blue-pink
  • violet-blue
  • magenta-orange
  • orange-blue
  • green-gold
  • orange-cyan
  • teal-red
  • red-pink
  • red-orange
Do you already have a (some) favorite(s)?

I'm not sure yet but I guess, they will be on sale on Llarowe's website soon. So stay tuned!
They are supposed to be on sale in Brazil in January. Ludurana is a 3 Free brand!

Sources: Ludurana FB page, Flor de Cerejeira, Mulher Vaidosa. And I've just seen Scrangie also posted this info on her blog.

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