Ozotic 505: multichrome gorgeousness!

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I hope you like multichrome nail polishes, flakies and holographic polishes because in the upcoming weeks I will have plenty of gorgeous polishes to show you.
In fact, some weeks ago, Leah Ann from Llarowe held a swatching contest on her facebook page and I was one of the 11 lucky winners! This  means I will do swatches for her website :D Happy~
I was sent some Ozotic and Ludurana polishes to review and swatch! I'll be showing all these beauties in my upcoming posts!

So the first one, I will show you is Ozotic 505. This is a multichrome polish that shifts mainly from dark green to purple.

So the first picture was taken in my light box. The light box is nice tool to see the different colors in mulitchrome polishes but you don't see how sparkly it is. So that's why I took the 2nd picture under artificial light.

Here you can see some blue, green, and purple, the 3 main colors in 505.

Here also you can spot the green, purple and blue. You can also see it sparkles a lot under light or in the sun (here the photo was taken under artificial light).

The different variations of purple you can see in Ozotic 505.

This picture was taken with flash but it shows quite accurately one of the colors you see the most in this polish, i.e. a darken green/teal.

Final vedict: For these pictures, I layered 2 coats of Ozotic 505 over two coats of A-England Lancelot. Ozotic 505 is very sheer so it's best to layer it over a base color, it enhances the color shift. In 505, you have 2 main colors: a dark green that reminds me of the colors of the packaging of After Eight chocolates and purple. It was not super easy to take the pictures because my camera kept turning the green into blue...but keep in mind this After Eight green :p 
Application is really easy. The polish flows on your nails nicely.
I think this polish is one of the most famous multichromes in the nail polish community and there is certainly a reason behind it. It's a really gorgeous and intriguing polish. And the color shift is really strong, you don't have to bend your fingers in impossible positions to pick the different colors. You just need to slightly move your hands to see your nails shifting from green to purple. It's really impressive!!!!!! I had never seen such a strong multichrome!
I also had a tons of questions and comments on it while wearing it  like "but...your nails are now green...and 5 seconds ago they were purple!?!? How possible it that?". So if you want an original and eye-catchy polish, this one is for you!

Purchase info for this mani:

Ozotic polishes can be purchased from Llarowe. This is the US stockist for Glitter Gal, Ozotic, A England, Hits and Ludurana polishes, 5 awesome nail polishes brands.They sell internationally and have an awesome customer service. You can visit Llarowe on Facebook. Ozotic polishes are $17,50 for 15 mL. This might sounds a little expensive but bear in mind that you will only need 2 thin layers for a mani and the bottle is quite huge so it can sincerely last for really a lot of manis.
Ozotic polishes can also be purchased from Picture Polish online shop. Stephanie from Packer Lacquer is also an US stockist for Picture Polish and Ozotics polishes. 

 *Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*

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