Amazing swap with Rafa from Brazil

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Excitement overwhelmed me when I received a box from my friend Rafa today!! She sent me so many amazing polishes and goodies. Rafa is the co-owner, with 3 other lovely  girls, of Nail Ink. If you don't know their blog, go and have a look. There are always great polishes and swatches to look at :D
When I first heard of Hits holographic polishes (Hits no olimpo) and Ludurana Aurora Boreal collection, I so wanted to try these polishes and at that time Llarowe didn't have them on her website (yeah, we started talking about this swap at the very begining of October!), that my friend Rafa agreed to swap with me! BTW, she is the nicest and loveliest girl I've ever known through polishes! Thank you, Rafa!
At first I wanted just a few polishes (less than 10) and then we kept adding polishes to arrive to this crazy amount I'll show you in the underneath pictures! 

Ludurana, Hits, Rivka, Ana Hickmann, Risqué, Passe Nati, and Blant polishes! And also some cute nail files and a poket cuticle moisturizer (I've already tried it and I LOVE it!).

The whole Hits No Olimpo collection!! *v*)
Ludurana flakies: Relâmpago, Chuva, Arco-Iris, Trovão.
 They all have multicolored flakies except Trovão, which has green and blue/teal flakies. I can't take my eyes off Trovâo. It's really beautiful, mesmerizing!

Ludurana Aurora Boreal: Show, Reluz, Emocionante, Esplêndido.

Hits flakies: Lambada and Samba.
Lamabada has a multicolored flakies in a clear base, while Samba has green flakies in a green base. Samba is really beautiful, it's also duochrome. You can see blue in it.

Ana Hickmann Reflex, Relux and Glow.
Ana Hickmann is a brand I didn't know, but I'm always happy to try new brands! These polishes are a present from Rafa. Reflex is a purple/green duochrome, Relux is a dark green shimmery polish, and Glow has red/orange-green flakies!!

Passe Nati - Baile, Risqué - Violeta Acinzentado, Rivka - Jenny.
These again are a gift from Rafa. The first one (Passe Nati - Baile) is a white/yellow/green shimmery polish. Risqué - Violeta Acinzentado is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal (I have it so I will compare them, but they do seem really similar). Rivka - Jenny is a gorgeous charcoal holo. It doesn't look that holo in the bottle here but it is on the nails.

Blant Fortuna, Romance, and Paz.
This set is also a gift!! So many gifts! Thank you so much Rafa for all these amazing polishes!! I LOVE them ALL!!

wow...!! so many gorgeous polishes!!

Expect some swatches in the upcoming days~ Tomorrow I'll present you Hits no Olimpo collection in more details!

Purchase info
Hits and Ludurana polishes can be bought from Llarowe, the most amazing nail polish shops! Polishes, customer service, and the owner are all wonderful!

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