Nail Mails (Lynnderella, OPI, CG, Essie, Orly, ...)!

9:07 PM


I was super lucky this week because I received 3 nail mails! woooow~

The first one is my order from the Free Friday Polish from Llarowe. I was lucky to be able to buy 2 Lynnderella (Snow Angel and Very Pretty Vampire) and as I was one of the 10th orders, I won a free polish! *lucky!!* So I chose Lynnderella - The Glittering Crowd. Moreover, there was also a game on Llarowe FB page and I was also super lucky to win it!! You had to guess which polishes Leah Ann layered for her mani and if you won, you could chose one of these polishes! and I chose Picture Polish - Festival! Yay, flakies!

I also received my the polishes from my amazing swap with Traci from the Trace Face Philes! Yay~ I love all the polishes she sent me and I can already imagine doing candy or sandwich manicures with the jellies!

Waaaa~ so many pretty polishes!

Dating a Royal, A-Taupe The Space Needle, Pepe's Purple Passion, Houston We Have A Purple!

Holly, Rina, Kissy!

Wear Something Spar-kylie, Marry A Millionaire, Nite Owl, As Gold As It Gets!

Glass Slipper, Grapefruit Fizz!

In Grapefruit Fizz, you really have the smell of grapefruit. This is so yummy!

Some goodies!!
Traci also sent me a lovely card and some sweets! I loved the peanut butter cups!! We don't have peanut butter here so I really enjoyed these sweets!! Thank you so much Traci!!

And finally I also received a package from Lyncia. We talk about polishes in a FB group and she found China Glaze Fireside Glow and asked if somebody wanted it! She was super nice to pick it and send it to me! I also asked for Essie As Gold As It Gets because I really wanted this polish! Thanks a million, Lyncia!!

China Glaze Fireside Glow, Essie As Gold As It Gets!

I'm so excited now!! I have a lot of new polishes to try and to show you!! And once again, I'd love to thank Leah Ann from Llarowe, Traci from The Trace Face Philes, and Lyncia!! Thank you so much, ladies!

Now I really have to stop buying too many polishes!!lol I'm offically on a no-buy now...

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