Nailderella Franken!

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Yay~ I'm glad to present you my first Franken!! I played once with mixing clear nail polish and loose fine glitters but not in a bottle so it doesn't really count as a franken. So this one is my true first Franken!

Here I used different types of glitters: small purple, fuchsia, and aqua blue hexagons, larger fuchsia and charcoal hex. I also added blue diamonds and light purple bar glitters. I mixed them in a little jar.
For the base color of this franken, I used Orly Etoile + clear nail polish (50:50) + 2 drops of A-England Iseult + 2 drops of Essie Haute as Hello. I don't think the drops of Iseult and Haute as Hello were necessary.
Then I added the mix of glitters into the bottle that contained the base color. I shook well and it was done!

And here is the result!! I layered 1 coat of it, over 2 coats of A-England Iseult. You can see my full post about Iseult here. Iseult is a really gorgeous polish. So if you don't know it, click on my link :D

1 coat of my franken over 2 coats of A-England Iseult.

I really enjoyed wearing it!! I think it looks nice! I wore it for 1 day and then I wanted to see what it looked like with a jelly on top. So I added one coat of OPI So Many Clowns...So Little Time.

1 coat of my franken over 2 coats of A-England Iseult and 1 coat of OPI So Many Clowns...So Little Time on top.

Bonus picture: Bottle shot of my franken polish!

What do you think of it? Have you ever tried to do your own polish?
I've several glitters in different shapes and colors so I wanna try something else with completely different colors! I just don't have empty

EDIT: Here are the glitters I used.

  • upper row (l-r): Essence Nail Art Glitter - 05 Shine Like A Star (blue diamonds); Essence Nail Art Glitter - 06 Glitter It (large pink hex); craft glitters (no specific name) in aluminium aqua blue glitters.
  • lower row: these are all glitters I found in a craft store. The brand is Hobby & Crafting Fun.
For the craft glitters, I first put some in clear nail polish to check that don't melt in nail polish.

I just used 1-2 hearts so I didn't get any on my nails...I should try to add more of them! :D

1 coat over A-England Iseult (left), 1 coat over OPI So Many Clowns...So Little Time (right).

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