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This will be a HUGE post!! I'll start to present you 2 new Essence Limited Edition, Season of Extremes and Marble Mania. Then, I'll go on with their new range of Nail Art items and finally, we'll look through their new make up and nail polish spring assortment! Ready?

essence trend edition “season of extremes

 Boredom was yesterday, spring 2012 is going to be extreme – extremely colorful! With the nail polish trend edition “season of extremes”, essence unites two trendy color extremes in March 2012. Bright colors are combined with subtle neutral shades to create an absolutely unique color experience. Whether you go for shimmer, pearl or plain, your nails can expect a true blast of color. One thing is for sure: there are no limits to your creativity. Extremely individual and extremely cool!

essence season of extremes nail polish
Live on the bright side of life! The eight colors of the season of extremes nail polish offer everything a girl with a passion for colors could possibly want. The selection of colors is huge and you can reach for flashy tones or subtle shades depending on your mood.

01 little miss bright, 02 on the bright side, 03 pimp my bright and 04 bright alert!


essence season of extremes nail polish colour3
Creativity to the extreme: the two-tone nail polish nail colour3 focuses on sensational color effects. The two shades can be applied individually or one on top of the other to create a unique third color. Summery yellow, bright pink, neutral tones or shimmer – this range has them all! Your nails are sure to be the ultimate eye-catchers in town.

essence “season of extremes” will be available in stores in March 2012.


essence trend edition “Marble Mania”

Trendy, twisted and totally hip: inspired by spectacular marble effects, essence presents the new trend edition “marble mania” in March and April 2012. Lovers of marble coloring and extraordinary textures can look forward to multi-dimensional effects. Mascara, eyeshadow or lipgloss – the marbling is sure to cause a stir! Several colors merge into one for a unique swirly-marble look by essence – it’s spring-time!

essence marble mania – mascara
The mascara with a must-have effect! The ultra black-silver shimmering texture interacts with the brush to provide gorgeous, sweeping lashes. And the marbling in the transparent bottle is an additional eye-catcher! Available in 01 michael's black or silver. Around 2.79 €*.

01 michael's black or silver

essence marble mania – eyeshadow
Intense, bright colors with a multi-dimensional effect: the baked eyeshadows with triple marbling and a high percentage of pearl-pigmentation guarantee the ultimate wow-factor. The eyeshadows have an awesome marble look and offer just the right touch of color when applied moist or dry. Available in 01 seriously mixed up, 02 let's get twisted and 03 swirl it, baby! Around 2.79 €*.

01 seriously mixed up, 02 let's get twisted and 03 swirl it

essence marble mania – lipgloss
Marbled gloss – for gorgeous lips! The marble effect gives this gloss a seductive look and merges into one color when applied on your lips, dipping them in a glossy, iridescent glow. Available in 01 coral whirl and 02 peach and mix. Around 1.99 €*.

01 coral whirl and 02 peach and mix

essence marble mania – blush
Ready for marble style? Not just yet. What’s missing? A stunning, shimmering blush for a radiant, fresh look. A sensational finish for everyone, mixed from four gorgeous marble rosé shades. Available in 01 swirlpool. Around 3.29 €*.
01 swirlpool

essence marble mania – nail polish
Four trendy colors set amazing highlights right down to your finger tips. There’s sure to be a shade to suit every taste, mood and outfit! The marble mania nail polishes are ideal for creating cool marbling designs with the help of the nail art kit. Available in 01 raspberry swirl, 02 who is mr. brown, 03 silver twister and 04 peaches. Around 1.79 €*.

01 raspberry swirl, 02 who is mr. brown, 03 silver twister and 04 peaches

essence marble mania – nail art kit
There are endless design options with this awesome nail art kit. Its contents: a professional brush, two professional sponges and two wooden sticks. The brush is ideal for creating unique lines, stripes and dots with its ultra-fine tip. The professional sponges are great for urban airbrush designs or the ultimate marble-look – now they’re totally easy to achieve in the comfort of your own home! There’s no limit to your creativity and you’re sure to have lots of fun! The nail art kit comes in a practical zip-pouch including instructions for marbling, nail painting and sponging. Available in 01 mix 'n' nail style. Around 2.29 €*.
01 mix 'n' nail style
essence “marble mania“ will be available in stores in March and April 2012.


Then we have some new items in their Nail art line.

essence nail art News from February 2012

essence stands for trendy, unique and high quality cosmetics products at a sensational low price! As February 2012, springtime is settling in at essence and we’re heading into the new season with lots of innovative, unique and surprising products for the coolest nail styles! Everything is allowed and there are no limits to your creativity – never before have the designs been this exciting, the possibilities so diverse and the effects so strong! As always, the essence range offers everything that is hot and new in terms of style.
Magnetics, nail art designs, unprecedented UV effects and nail polishes with all kinds of finishes – the new season invites you to try new styles!

Let’s get the nail style party started!

essence nail art magnet 
The nail art magnet makes it possible – nail art of a special kind! And it is therefore absolutely essential for all nail artists. You can create incredibly unusual and creative nail designs –even star images! Simply hold above still moist magnetic nail polish to conjure-up unprecedented magnetic masterpieces. Available in two versions (stripes, stars). Around 1.79 €*. 

essence nail art magnetics nail polish 
They already have an exciting shimmer when applied on their own, but the results are spectacular when used in combination with the nail art magnet: magnetic pigments in the nail polishes react to the nail art magnet to create stripes, stars & co. Extravagant effects, every time! Now available in three trendy new metallic trend colors and a total of five shades. Around 1.99 €*. 

Magnetic nail polish in number 06, 07, 08 and n ail art magnet

essence nail art design stencils
If you love unique nail designs but long for a simple and easy application, the new images of the design stencils are perfect for you! Apply any essence nail polish (important: wait until completely dry!), then attach the stencil, paint over it in a contrasting color and peel off – hey presto, your funky look with stars & co. is done! Now in a new and improved quality with two new images (stars, flowers). Around 1.49 €*. 

nail art design stencils 01 and 02

essence nail art colour changing click & go nails 
click & go – these finger styles can be stuck on in a flash and that's not all! Feel like a change? Head for the sunlight. Because that's where the new self-adhesive colour changing click & go nails reveal their secret… and change their color or design! UV-fun in two versions. Around 2.99 €*.
nail art colour changing click & go nails 01 and 02

essence nail art cracking top coat 
They are so cool, oh so stylish and simply belong in the collections of all true nail fashionistas: cracking top coats! Now available in five new colors and with an improved texture! Here's how to achieve the unique cracking look: simply apply on top of a color nail polish and watch as the polish "cracks" open within seconds. Wow! Available in a total of five colors. Around 1.79 €*.

essence nail art freestyle & tip painter
For all freestylers and those who wannabe: these tip painters are true artists of style! Thanks to the new and improved long, thin brush, you can now not only paint the tips of your nails in the trendiest colors of the season, you can also use the tip painter to decorate your nails with unique designs. Available in one new color and a total of six colors. Around 1.49 €*.

essence nail art designer set
Professional nail style? No problem with the right tools for smart nail art fashionistas! The nail art design set consists of a professional nail art brush and three nail art sponges. With its ultrafine tip, the brush is ideal for creative lines, stripes and dots. The professional nail art sponges, on the other hand, allow endless urban airbrush designs – in the comfort of your own home! Creativity without limits – but with lots of fun! Around 1.99 €*.

nail art cracking top coat n°5, nail art freestyle & tip painter 13, nail art designer set

essence nail art nail colour³ 
Do it yourself! Who has the most individual nail style? The new nail colour³ nail polish are catapulted directly to the top of the nail charts – as they contain not 1, not 2, but 3 colors! Each side is already an eye-catcher when applied on its own, but layered one on top of the other, the effects and colors mix to create the ultimate spring highlights! Wow, compliments are guaranteed! Around 2.79 €*. 

06 Ticket to the show, 05 Boys are back in town, 04 A walk in the park , 03 Kiss on top of the rock, 02 Shopping trip in soho, 01 Midnight date

essence nail art special effect! topper
Surprising, unexpected and totally hip: the special effect! toppers always have a surprise in store for you! Each of the eight versions provide their own unique, extraordinary finish. Bronze, multi-colored, glittering silver, holographic, with a white prism effect or purple – these polishes are sure to attract attention with an extravagant appearance wherever you go! Available in four new and a total of eight colors. Around 1.79 €*.

08 Night in Last Vegas, 09 Copper 'iz me!, 10 Glorious Aquarius, 11 Disco Disco


And let's finish with new items in their whole make up and polish line!

News from February 2012

essence stands for trendy, unique and high-quality cosmetics products – at sensationally low prices!
Just in time for spring, a huge selection of innovative products is joining the essence range as of February 2012 to get you back in the mood for new looks!
Intensive, bright colors or subtle neutral shades, matte textures or shimmering primers, airy light formulas or pampering ingredients – essence surprises us with unique products and trends to emphasize your eyes, lips, complexion and nails at the start of the spring season. Now it's all about shining as bright as the first warm rays of the sun…

essence mono eyeshadow 
Open your eyes, here they come! The new eyeshadow colors by essence. From magenta to blue, trendy acid green to soft beige and brown – the color palette is huge and is sure to give every eye make-up that extra special added touch. Available in five new colors and a total of 28 colors from February onwards. Around 1.59 €*.

essence colour & shine eyeshadow 
The baked colour & shine eyeshadow guarantees special effects for your eyes. Thanks to the high percentage of pearl pigmentation and the triple-colored marbling, the light colors are especially radiant while the darker shades have incredible depth. The soft and powdery texture is easy to apply and the colors are super vibrant! Applied moist, the results are even more color-intense. Available in two new and a total of nine colors. Around 2.79 €*.

essence eyeshadow brush
The new expert for professional eye make-up: the eyeshadow brush has ultra-soft bristles so that you can apply just the right amount of powder eyeshadow. Available in a practical pouch with a trendy and modern design. Around 1.29 €*.

essence gel eyeliner brush 
One applicator, plenty of looks: the special gel eyeliner brush allows you to create a multitude of styles ranging from classic to sexy to dramatic! Thanks to the slanted bristles in a trendy, intense blue color, the gel eyeliner brush is a true eye-catcher! Comes in a practical pouch with a newfashionable design. Around 1.49 €*.

essence kajal
Color addicts take note! From February onwards, the essence kajal pencil will be available in two trendy new colors. Acid green and ocean blue are joining the range this spring to give your eyes a fabulous touch of color! Available in two new and a total of eight colors. Around 0.99 €*.

essence 2in1 kajal 
The perfect duo: the 2in1 kajal by essence is the ideal make-up tool for transformational artists! Two perfectly aligned colors leave plenty of room for change and make the hearts of all true style-queens beat a little faster – with beautiful, intense moments. Available in one new and a total of four color combinations. Around 1.49 €*.

essence long lasting eye pencil 
Long-lasting and color-intense: the long-lasting eye pencil is super-easy to apply accurately thanks to its innovative twist-mechanism and guarantees long-lasting results. There are now two new bright and trendy colors to go with the season. Available in a total of nine colors. Around 1.49 €*.

essence 2in1 eyeliner pen
One eyeliner, two styles: whether you want to achieve a fine line for an elegant, classic look or an extravagant broad line for the drama-queen look – with the new essence 2in1 eyeliner pen, both are as easy as ABC. With a fine tip on one end and a broad, slanted tip on the other. Around 2.99 €*.

essence liquid ink eyeliner/ liquid ink eyeliner waterproof
It is the ultimate must-have eyeliner this spring! The liquid ink eyeliner with the special fine tip applicator makes applying an accurate, black line as easy as child's play for gorgeous eyes. Also available as a waterproof version. Around 2.29 €*/ 2.49€*.

essence glam liner
Glamour girls beware: the glam liner ensures a grand appearance wherever you go. Shimmer pigments reflect the light and guarantee an unforgettable play of colors with ingenious effects. It has a new brush applicator for better coverage and even more accurate application. Available in one new and a total of 5 colors. Around 2.29 €*.

essence gel eyeliner
Special occasions require special eye make-up products: the ultra-smooth gel formula of the essence gel eyeliner allows an accurate application similar to liquid eyeliner and ensures a particularly silky finish. Simply dip the special gel eyeliner brush by essence into the tub of gel eyeliner and effortlessly paint a perfect eyeline that is quick to dry, ultra long-lasting as well as smudge and waterproof! Available in one new color and a total of three colors. Around 2.99 €*.

All true beauty queens aspire to extraordinary, extreme and spectacular lashes! Of course, it all starts with the perfect mascara. That's why essence is presenting the next generation of volume mascaras of February 2012 with the "get BIG! lashes" range and its mega-brushes and ultra-shaping formulas. For ultimate length, XXXL volume and curve as dynamic as a rollercoaster.

essence get BIG! lashes volume boost mascara
Volume, volume, volume! The get BIG! lashes volume boost mascara offers added density and plenty of fill with each application for a dramatic and spectacular look. The fibers of the football-like mega brush even reach the tiniest lashes and cover each individual lash without causing them to stick or feel heavy. The easy application ensures a breathtaking look in an instant! Around 2.29 €*.

essence get BIG! lashes volume boost mascara waterproof 
 Sad romantic movies, tears of joy with the girls, sweaty athletic activities or a jump into cold water – the get BIG! lashes volume boost mascara waterproof is an ideal companion, no matter what the occasion! It offers perfect lashes without smudging and conjures-up mega volume de luxe – even when you dive into the pool! An absolutely reliable styling partner! Around 2.49 €*.

essence get BIG! lashes volume and curl mascara
Things are about to get voluminous and sweeping with the get BIG! lashes volume and curl mascara. Thanks to the unusual curved mega brush, your lashes are instantly captured and raised from root to tip – even with just one application. The magnificent flexion of the brush allows optimal contact with your lashes for fascinating curves and extreme volume in a heartbeat! Around 2.29 €*.

essence volumizing lash powder 
An absolute innovation: this lash powder consists of synthetic mini-fibers for a breathtaking, false-lash look. And here's how to do it: first, apply your favorite essence mascara. Next, close your eyes and sprinkle some powder on the still moist mascara using the brush included in the packaging. Then seal the powder with another coat of mascara. The result: dramatic lashes with an absolute wow-effect! Available as a set including the brush. Around 2.99 €*

essence I love runway highlighter 
The latest addition to the popular I love range: the I love runway highlighter steps onto the catwalk as a twist pen with a brush for ultra-easy application. Its fine, soft shimmering texture in a light rosé shade offers the area around your eyes a natural-looking radiance. Around 2.49 €*.

essence eyebrow designer 
Get your eyebrows into tip-top shape! With a practical brush on the cap for smooth and even eyebrows. Available in a new, light brown color and a total of three colors. Around 1.49 €*.

essence eyebrow tweezers 
Now stubborn eyebrows no longer stand a chance! The tweezers with a new color and pop-art design has slanted edges so that you can capture each hair accurately. Comes in a practical pouch with a trendy card insert. Around 0.99 €*.

essence make-up bag
For make-up only! The ideal companion so you can take all your favorite essence products along when you're on the go. In a cute, colorful dotty design. Around 1.99 €*.

essence marble mania lipgloss
Marble gloss – the new wow-effect! The marbled gloss looks beautifully elegant and mixes into one color when you apply it on your lips! Dip your lips in a shiny gloss and get the marble mania look started… available in five colors. Around1.99 €*.

essence mini lipgloss set 
Choose a color that takes your fancy – in a new edition! Combine one of the three mini lipglosses in the set with your own trendy look depending on your mood. Now your lips can shine in soft rosé or bright pink shades. Available in two versions with stylish packaging. Around 2.49 €*.

essence XXXL shine lipgloss 
Timeless and beautiful! The shiny lipglosses in enchanting colors give your lips a gorgeous, pampered look and amazing shine. Glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible! Available in three new and a total of 14 colors. Around 1.79 €*.

essence stay with me longlasting lipgloss 
Color-intensive and long-lasting, the amazing colors of this lipgloss stay exactly where they should: on your lips! The special shape of the precision applicator allows an effortless application. Available in two new and a total of six colors. Around 1.99 €*.

essence lipstick
Soft and velvety: the popular essence lipstick is available in three new shades just in time for spring! Gorgeous pastel tones awaken the desire to chase away the last days of winter. Thanks to the new color-coded packaging, reaching for your favorite shade is now even easier. Available in a total of 16 colors as of February. Around 1.99 €*.

essence glossy lipbalm
Shimmering highlights for glossy lips! Two new members are about to join the family of glossy lipbalms. A bright cherry red and an intense strawberry pink complete the standard range of colors. They quickly give your lips a pampered look and feel wonderfully glossy and light. A must-have for every purse! Available in two new and a total of six colors. Around 0.99 €*.

essence lipliner
Fiery raspberry red and trendy neutral – the two new lipliner colors ensure clear contours and beautiful, shapely lips as of February. Practical effect: the lipliner is smudge-proof and especially long-lasting. Available in two new and a total of eight colors from February onwards. Around 0.99 €*.

essence my base - illuminating make-up base
The illuminating base from the new my base range by essence provides the ideal basis before applying foundation. It covers-up small irregularities of the skin, provides moisture, makes make-up last longer and gives your skin a lovely, radiant look! The tube has a practical pump dispenser so it's as easy as child's play to get the dosage right. Simply apply generously on your face before foundation for a fresh and natural-looking complexion – all day long. Around 3.79 €*.

essence my base - skin perfection make-up base
my base skin perfection – the make-up base for a fresh and naturally radiant complexion! Thanks to its smooth texture, it's easy to apply and gives your skin a flawless finish. The base has a moisturizing effect and makes make-up last longer. Can also be used without foundation as a tinted moisturizer for a perfect, natural-looking complexion. Available in a tube with a practical pump dispenser. Around 3.79 €*.

essence make-up to match
Naturally light, long-lasting foundation that adapts to every skin tone. Thanks to the innovative texture with micro-encapsulated pigments, the shade of the new make-up to match aligns with your complexion immediately after application for a radiant, smooth finish. Suitable for all skin tones. Perfume and oil-free. Available in three nuances. Around 3.99 €*.

essence soufflé touch blush 
As light as a soufflé… defined cheekbones and beautifully emphasized contours: the gentle rouge has a water basis and melts with your skin to conjure-up a natural-looking, fresh complexion. Its airy, light formula is easy to apply and spread on your cheeks with your finger tips. Available in three shades. Around 2.79 €*.

essence colour & go quick drying nail polish 
Color-intoxication with essence… and the 14 trendiest nail polish colors ranging from lemon yellow to orange to bright red. There's something to suit every taste, mood and outfit! The flat brush ensures a smooth and easy application – for trendy nails with just one stroke of the brush! Available in 14 new and a total of 55 colors. Around 1.29 €*.
86 a lovely secret , 87 passion for fashion , 88 falling in love , 89 kiss me goodbye

93 c'est la vie !, 90 I want that ! , 91 glamorous life , 92 better late than never , 94 gold fever

95 wanna be your sunshine , 96 sparkling water lily , 97 absolutely blue , 98 walk on air, 99 wanna say hello

essence glam nail polish
Glamorous nail style and the popular neutral shades go hand in hand this season! And the new neutral glam nail polishes have the starring roles for this great look! Available in seven natural shades with a high coverage and glossy textures ranging from plain to a gentle shimmer. Around 1.29 €*.

On the 30th of January there was a blogger event in Köln to present the new Essence and Catrice products. So I searched through the web to find lovely bloggers who were able to go and take pictures!
You can see swatches of the different items I showed you in this post in the following blog:

Purchase info:
Essence nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you can search for a store that sells Essence polishes here.

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