FACEit BK 901

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Today I'll show you my base polish for my next manicure!
This is a black duochrome polish from the Face Shop. I bought it during my shopping trip in Seoul last August.

Let's go to the photos!

l-r: PK 101, BK 901.
This last picture is there just to show how crazily beautiful it looks in the bottle. Look at this multichrome effect!! On the left is another polish from the Face Shop that I bought. It has a "platinium" finish and is a one coater. It's a gorgeous and great polish. I'll show it to you another time :D

Final verdict: BK 901 (BK stands for black) is a glass fleck duochrome black polish. In the bottle, the duo/multichrome effect is really strong but unfortunately this doesn't really translate to the nails. You can see some blue and pink but it's rather subtle. Nevertheless, it's a great polish that I like a lot. Application was easy. I used 2 coats. 
What do you think of it?

Purchase info 
Sorry I don't have much information on this....I bought it in a Face Shop in Seoul but I know you can find some Face Shops in Singapore and other countries. You can also try ebay.

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