Pucca nails!

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As promised, here is my mani with the second set of water decals I got from KKCenterHK. If you missed my Hello Kitty manicure, you can click here to see it.

The polish I used is OPI Keys To My Karma which is part of the Indian Collection (Spring 2008) but it's in the regluar range of OPI polishes. So it's easy to get it. It's a gorgeous and squishy red jelly. On the nails, it looks like a cherry red but when you apply it you can see some fuchsia in it. I got the impression I have pomegranate syrup on my nails! :D
I used 3 coats of it and then added the Pucca water decals. 

Final verdict: I am really impressed by the water decals  I got from KKCenterHK. they are easy to apply and look really nice on the nails. Moreover, their lasting power is great, you can easily keep them for 4-5 days without unsticking (I changed my polish after 4-5 days so maybe you can keep them longer but I didn't try). You can find these Pucca water decals here for $6.

Water decals application: You have to cut your pattern from the sheet of water decals. With tweezers, plunge your pattern in water for about 30 seconds. Take it out and peel it off from its support. If it's difficult to peel it off, plunge it again in water until you can easily peel it off. Then apply it on your nail and seal with a top coat.
Purchase info 
These water decals can be purchased from KKCenterHK (they ship internationally). They have great nail art products and polishes. Their water decals are from $2 to $6 and the range of different patterns and designs are really huge! Here is the entry for all the different themes they carry (cartoon, flowers, metallic, animals, festivals, rock, love, french, and many more).
Coupon Code (10% off): BLGB538NA10 (until 28th Feb, 2012).
New coupon code (10% off): nailderellanails (until 31st Jan, 2013).
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent  for my honest review*

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  1. Aawwweeee these are so cute, I want them

  2. Ah this turned out great! It's too adorable! Have you ever watched the Pucca show?

  3. I adore this polish shade - use it often - this year I am really into the bright oranges and red/oranges. The stickers are cute.


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