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I'm super happy to show you the following polishes. I was lucky to find the current Catrice limited edition called "Million Styles". It's a collection composed of 8 effect top coats.

All swatches are 1 coat of Catrice Million Styles over a A-England Lancelot except for the first one where I used Essence Bonnie (a discontinued twin) and for the second one where I used Ludurana Violet Color Block instead. No top coat was used. Pictures were taken under artificial light.

The first one is C01 No Smoke Without Fire "for a cool, sultry smokey look on your nails".
It's a top coat that is supposed to make a smokey finish on your nails. This is similar to a polish Essence released last year in their Re-mix Your Style limited edition. You can see my swatches of it here. Both of them are also dupes or at least really close to Dior Rock Coat Smoky Black Top Coat.

l-r: 1 coat of No Smoke Without Fire over bare nail, Essence Bonnie, 1 coat No Smoke Without Fire over Essence Bonnie (2x).

Essence Bonnie, 1 coat No Smoke Without Fire over Essence Bonnie (2x).

C01 No Smoke Without Fire  is in fact a very sheer shimmery black jelly. It renders your base color darker and gives a jelly look to it. I really like it because you can do so many different combinations with it. It's so versatile! I bet it would also look great over glitters!

The second one, C02 Million Dollar Baby"offers glitter, glitter, glitter".
It's a glitter polish composed of large silver hex and smaller gold glitters.

1 coat of Million Dollar Baby over Ludurana Violet Color Block.
 I got this beautiful Ludurana polish from my friend Laura from Brazil. Thank you so much, my dear!!

It's funny because in the bottle, I thought all the glitters were silver! I didn't realized the smaller were gold. Even on the nails, it's a bit difficult to see they are actually gold. However, it gives a nice gold shimmer on the nails. I think this is due to a reflect created by the glitters that act like small mirrors. This can make you think there is a golden shimmer....a kind of optical illusion...very interesting!

Next one is C03 Miss Money Penny "immerses your nails in a soft golden shimmer".
To me, it's more a copper or a peachy gold than a yellow gold. On the index, I used a thin coat while on the other fingers, I used a thicker one. So you can give more or less density to your look according on how you apply your polish.

C0 4 Shake It! Flake It! "creates an awesome 3D jewel effect".
These are flakies! They are mainly red or dark orange and shift to yellow and green.

C05 Return Of Space Cowboys "guarantees a sparkling appearance".
This is a black jelly packed with a multitude of color shifting tiny flecks that sparkle a lot! They shift from a green-teal (main color) to blue and purple. I can also see some silver in  it but it's not very obvious.

C06 Godfather Of Pearl "creates a soft pearly nail design".
This is one is a little similar to C05 Return of Space Cowboys in the sense that it is also packed with shimmery green-blue flecks. However, its base is transparent and the particles are rather round and chunkier. What is really unique are the bigger silver particles. They are really visible and give a nice structured touch! I don't know why (it's completely different) but it reminds me of the gold glitters in OPI Absolutely Alice!

C07 ¿Holo Qué Tal?! "offers holographic shimmering glitter pigments".
I must admit I don't really understand why Catrice says that ¿Holo Qué Tal? is "holo". It does have shimmery glitters but they are not holo. They shift from pink to purple. And that's really pretty!

C08 Have An Ice Day "conjures-up a light glittering ice-effect on your nails".
This is a clear top coat packed with a lot of scattered holo (yes, it's holo here!lol) small particles. They display the whole range of colors of the rainbow. I thought I wouldn't really like this one but I was really surprised when I layered it on my nails! In fact I love the effect because with a thin coat, you can create a rather soft, not too dense pattern and the different particles seem to place themselves in a very regular pattern and I think this is really cool! It reminds me of stars in the sky at night.

Wow, there were some many pictures in this post. I hope you enjoyed it!
People at Catrice did an amazing job on this collection!! The only downside of this collection is that it's a limited edition...I whish they would enter into their regular range of polishes!
It's difficult to pick a favorite out of them but I must admit I really love C06 Godfather Of Pearl! And I think I'll achieve a lot of different looks with C01 No Smoke Without Fire. I want to try it over glitters! 

Purchase info:
Catrice nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Croatia, you can search for a store that sells Catrice polishes here.

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