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Wow, look at what I've just seen on Hits Speciallità blog. They are having a new collection of multichrome glitters!

This collection is composed of:
  • Moonbow: is inspired by the lunar rainbow. Its colors range from teal to purple.
  • Borealis: is inspired by the aurora borealis of the Northern hemisphere. Its colors range from gold to green.
  • Afterglow: it represents the colors of twilight and shifts from purple to copper.
  • Airglow: it ranges from pink to orange
Unfortunately I don't have more information for the moment. But I was really excited to share this with you :D What do you think of them? I wish the pink-orange polish was bright pink, it would be awesome!

Launching date: 24th-27th March.

Sources: Hits specialità, Esmaltonica, Boa dica de beleza.

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