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I'm pleased to introduce you to a new indie brand of polishes created by the lovely Karine (not me :p). She created 10 different polishes, jellies packed with multicolored glitters and flakies, for the girls in her Birthday Club. The name of this 10 polish collection is by the way, the The Birthday Club Collection and each polish was specially made for one of the girl in her club.

Let's go the pictures! This polish is called "Jardin Enchanté" (Enchanted Garden).

The bottle looks like an A-England bottle.

Final verdict: What a perfect polish for spring! It's a green jelly that is easily buildable. You can wear it on its own. However, it's not full opaque but I think it looks great like this. Here I used 3 coats. If you prefer  a more opaque look, you can layer it over a mint color for example. But I think it looks more "aerial" and fresh when it's used on its own. This green jelly is packed with lots of fine multicolored glitters and flakes. The glitters are not the regular type of glitters. It's a bit difficult to distinguish them individually, they rather form a pretty sparkly pattern. The flakes are of different sizes and colors. They are a bit chunky so you will need to use a thick top coat to get a smooth look. Finally, I really like this polish because it's so fresh and spring-like and it's a very unique polish. I have never seen something like this before. So I take my hat off to Karine!

Purchase info 
Karine' polishes will be available on April 1st. There is an ordering form on her blog.
For more information, you can also visit Karine's Facebook page here.

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