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I have lots of polishes to show you today. I received 2 swap packages that I did with amazingly kind and sweet ladies: Laura, my friend from Brazil, and Traci from the Trace Face Philes, that you must all know! :D

Let's see what I got! The first package I received is the package from the wonderful Laura!


Sancion Angel polishes l-r: Platinum, Blue Moon, Christmas Tree, Bedtime Stories.

Aren't those glitters amazing? Close-ups are required!

Sancion Angel polishes l-r: Platinum, Blue Moon.

 OMG! Those glitters look amazing! I love them! Platinum has mulicolored hex glitters in different sizes and Blue Moon is made of silver, black (!), and cyan hex glitter in different sizes!

Sancion Angel polishes l-r:  Christmas Tree, Bedtime Stories.
Obviously, Christmas Tree has some problems...Laura told me this before but I said I wanted it anyway. And I tried it on a nail wheel and it works nicely.

Sancion Angel polishes l-r: Moon Shadow, Roxie.
Moon shadow is composed of medium black hex glitters! :D and Roxie is a sheer black base polish packed with multicolored flakies and an iridescent shimmer! The flakies are rather small and pretty!

l-r: Hits Specialità - Virgìnia, Risqué - Attitude Pink, Passe Nati - Quero Felicidade.
Virgìnia is a dark gray/black polish packed with a gorgeous shimmer. Attitude Pink is a pretty bright pink, and Quero Felicidade is a clear polish packed with fine purple gliters and green flakies!

Ludurana polishes l-r: Color Block Violet, Carraro, Quartzo, Viviane.
Violet is a very saturated and glowy magenta. Carraro is a yummy creamy baby pink with very fine pink, purple, and holo silver glitters. I love this polish!! Quartzo is the blue version of Carraro with white, pink, purple, and holo silver glitters. It's also super gorgeous! And Viviane is a charcoal glimmery goddess! There is pink, purple, and green shimmer in it! It sparkles like crazy! Thank you so much, Laura!!

Ludurana polishes l-r: Red-Orange, Red-Pink, Violet-Blue, and Turquesa-Red.
This is the duochrome collection of Ludurana. I think they are not super duochrome but they are really pretty. Turquesa-Red reminds me of Nubar Indigo Illusion!

Up Colors Holographic polishes l-r: Rosa Prisma, Brilho Rosa.
These Up Colors polishes are amazing! I've already tried Rosa Prisma and it's a killer. You can view my swatches here.

l-r: PanVel - Congo, Big Universo - Matte top coat.
Congo is a shimmery matte polish! I SO love this type of finish so I cannot wait to try it. I'm sure I'll love it!

Hits Specialità l-r: Daring, Chameleon, Trendy, Unconventional.
OMG! I can't wait to try them! The box is from the set called Unique. However this set is normally composed of Unconventional, Artsy, Daring, and Chameleon. But I wanted Trendy instead of Artsy so Laura send me the box but she changed Artsy for Trendy lol.

Thank you SO much, Laura, for this amazing swap. I sincerely LOVE all the polishes. They are all so beautiful!! and thank you for all the gifts and surprises you sent me!!

And next is the package I received from Traci!! Traci wanted some Catrice polishes and in exchange I really wanted some Manglaze. I've been drooling over them for such a long time! ;D and she was super sweet to pass an order for me!! Manglaze doesn't ship internationally so I'm really grateful Traci could get them for me! Thank you SO much, Traci!!

Manglaze polishes ans candies!!

She also sent me a lot of candies!! and peanut butter cups! nom nom nom (I already ate them all!!), and also a Julep hand brightener and scrub, my very first Julep products! Thank you so much, Traci!!
I also bought from her blog sale OPI Vould U Like a Lick-tenstein and Chocoalte Moose, 2 discontinued polishes that I love but I forgot to photograph them. I'll show you them when I'll try them on my nails!

wow, that was a lot!! Once again, thank you, Laura and Traci!!

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