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How do you feel about magnetic polishes?
The first one I tried was an Essence polish from their LE called "Metallics". I thought the concept was interesting but unfortuntaley, the effect was not so strong. So I'm glad to show you today, another brand that carries magnetic polishes and that have a much stronger effect! This is an Ouqian polish, a Chinese brand, and the name of the polish is OUQIAN-MGT-013, Olive Magic Pattern Shaping Magnetic Nail Polish.

In the following pictures, for the pinky and ringer, I used 2 coats of magnetic polish, while on the middle and index, I used only 1 coat of polish. When I used 2 coats, I first painted  all my nails, then did the second coat on one finger, held the magnet over it for about 10 seconds, and then went to the second nail, and so on.

I used a magnet I got from KKCenterHK, which has 3 different patterns: diagonal lines, horizontal lines, and a star pattern.

Here are more pictures of the different patterns you can have with this magnet.

On the pinky, I didn't use the magnet.

Final verdict: I am so impressed with this polish and with the magnet! The polish is an olive green color, with red-orange flakes. It's quite opaque because you can only use one coat of polish to have a nice look. The magnet is amazing because it can create really stong effects. At the beginning I held the magnetic over the nail for 30 seconds but then reallized that the pattern is created in only 5 seconds! So the magnet is really stong! That's a total plus! Moreover, it's really convenient to use because you can beforehand decide on the distance you'll leave between your nail and the magnet (cf picture of the magnet). There is nearly no risk you'll touch the magnet with your nails. I so love this polish and magnet that now I want to order another one. I've got my eyes on the dark red, purple, and peacock blue polish... :D

Purchase info 
OUQIAN-MGT-013, Olive Magic Pattern Shaping Magnetic Nail Polish can be purchased from KKCenterHK. You can find this item here on their site. It costs $12 for 12 mL. The magnet has to be purchased separately. You can also purchase it from KKCenterHK. You can find this item here on their site. It costs $13.
 KKCenterHK ship internationally. They have great nail art products and polishes.

Coupon code (10% off): nailderellanails (until 31st Jan, 2013).
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent  for my honest review*

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