We'll Always Have Paris SUEDE

9:16 PM


Today I am proud to present you one of my favorite polishes! It's OPI We'll Always Have Paris SUEDE! It's part of the Suede collection (Fall 2009).

Final verdict: This is definitely one of my all time favorite. polishes There are many reasons for that. Firstly, I love the color. It's a light pinky purple with hints of fuchsia and a lot of silver in it. Secondly, the finish is gorgeous. It's a shimmery matte or Suede. I love it's shimmery because it doesn't look dull. Thirdly, its application is flawless and takes only 5 min. You need only 1 coat to get full opacity and an even look and it dries super fast. I'm just in love with this polish!

Purchase info:
OPI polishes can be purchased at professional nail salons.
For Switzerland, you can search for licensed retailers here.

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