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Do you like glitters? I do~

I will show you today a Chinese brand that has awesome glitters. The name of the brand is Best Sence.
The one I will show you today is called "Best Sence - Red Small Hexagon & Dot Glitter Nail Polish" with the reference BESE-N331-87.

1 coat of Best Sence 87 over 3 coats of Zoya Sarah.

Final verdict: Best Sence Glitter 87 is a very sheer pink polish (almost clear) packed with lots of red, fuchsia, blue, and gold glitters. The red and fuchsia glitters are large, the blue medium and the gold small (2 sizes of them). The smaller gold glitters seem to be dots when you look at them (by eyes) but with a zoom, you can see they are actually hexagons. I like the mix of colors and sizes. The glitters go well together. Application was perfect! I used here only 1 coat and I didn't have to go fishing for the glitters, they applied nicely on the nails. I'm also impressed with how the glitters are well suspended. They don't settle at the bottom of the  bottle at all. It's a bit fascinating to look at them in the bottle because even if you turn the bottle upside down, the glitters keep their place in the bottle, they keep an equidistance between them. It's funny! So great formula but I'm not sure it's 3 free. I think I will use it again because I just love red glitters and also blue and gold!

What do you think of it?
By the way, Best Sence has various glitter polishes with different colors such as black, gold, pink, purple, but also heart or star and moon glitters! You can see all their glitter polishes here. 

Purchase info 
Best Sence polishes can be purchased from KKCenterHK. You can find this item here on their site. It costs $5.86 for 15 mL. KKCenterHK ship internationally. They have great nail art products and polishes.

 Coupon code (10% off): nailderellanails (until 31st Jan, 2013).

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