Catrice LE “Coolibri”

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Fantastic and full of color – it beats its small, powerful wings enthusiastically and hovers above the blossoms of gorgeous exotic flowers: the coolibri, a tiny hummingbird with bright, colorful feathers from the depths of the Amazon. Its mysterious home and breathtaking blaze of color offer the inspiration for the contrasting and fashionable colors of the 2012 summer season catwalk looks with intensive, bright color blocking – and is reflected in the Limited Edition “Coolibri” by CATRICE. In June and July 2012, sunny yellow and rich green shades, cool turquoise blue, warm orange-red and fresh pink whisk you away to the iridescent world of Amazon colors. Strong colors in stark contrast to soft textures – your eyes and nails are sure to be ultimate eye-catchers emphasized by soft, subtle lips. The ideal make-up for summertime – fascinating, light and radiantly beautiful!

Coolibri by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Pen
The four highly-pigmented colors of the creamy and extremely long-lasting Eye Shadow Pen whisk you away to the magnificent world of the Amazon. The light metallic shimmer effect hints at the way the colorful feathers of the coolibri reflect the rays of the sun. Thanks to the rounded shape of the pen and the retractable mine, an accurate application of the soft texture with a color intense finish is extremely easy. Available in C01 Precious Nectar, C02 Birds Flying High, C03 Virgin Forest and C04 Exotica.

l-r: C01 Precious Nectar, C02 Birds Flying High, C03 Virgin Forest and C04 Exotica.

Coolibri by CATRICE – Golden Glow Eye Liner
The sparkling rays of the sun bursting into the rainforest offer the inspiration for the Golden Glow Eye Liner. Thanks to its high pigmentation in radiant gold, it gives your make-up a particularly elegant and intense summery freshness. The liquid texture contains fine shimmer pigments and can be applied accurately and smoothly thanks to the brush applicator. A delicate line along your eyelid is enough – for unbelievable expression! Available in C01 Precious Nectar. 

Coolibri by CATRICE – Nectar Gloss
Sweet blossoms are the ultimate temptation for coolibris – preferably in wonderfully fresh and summery colors. With its light, semi-transparent texture and subtle lip color, the Nectar Gloss provides a popular wet-gloss finish and leaves your lips feeling irresistibly soft. Available in C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Feathery Pink, C03 Gorgeous Blossom and C04 Exotica. 
l-r: C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Feathery Pink, C03 Gorgeous Blossom and C04 Exotica.

Coolibri by CATRICE – Colour Refreshing Lip Balm
Fresh’em up! Silky-soft lips are an absolute must for perfect summery lipgloss and lipstick styles. That’s why you should generously apply the creamy, long-lasting Colour Refreshing Balm to pamper them! The highlight: this balm reacts to the pH level of your lips to unfold its natural, subtle red color. The light tint gives your lips a soft, fresh look – at all times. 

Coolibri by CATRICE – Jelly Cheek Tint
The Jelly Cheek Tint is sure to be the 2in1-summer favorite of the year! Thanks to its light liquid gel-like texture, you can determine how intense the color is going to be when you apply it to conjure-up gorgeous accents on your face. But this lovely red doesn’t just look great on your cheeks - the tint ensures a long-lasting red shade on your lips, too! Thanks to the practical pot, you can easily apply the texture using your finger. Available in C01 Abloom. 

Coolibri by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage, ultimate color in the brightest Coolibri varieties! High shine with or without shimmer – these bold nail polishes are sure to fulfill all exotic color wishes. Available in C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Twist of Lemon, C03 Abloom, C04 Exotica and C05 Virgin Forest.

l-r: C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Twist of Lemon, C03 Abloom, C04 Exotica and C05 Virgin Forest.

“Coolibri” by CATRICE will be available in stores in June and July 2012.

My thoughts:
  • Golden Glow Eye Liner - Oh my! we could recreate Cinna's look from the Hunger Games with it! I don't know if you have seen this movie but, in contrast to the crazy make-up of the people from the Capitol, Cinna is wearing only a line a gold eye liner. I think this Catrice eye liner seems perfect to recreate his look :D
  • Nectar Glosses - Catrice glosses are among the best on the market in my opinion. The first gloss that I really enjoyed wearing because it is super moisturizing and not sticky, is a gloss from their Lip Appeal line. So if you have the opportunity to grab some Catrice glosses, don't hesitate! To come back to these Nectar Glosses, I really like the packaging. It reminds me of Lancôme products! I'm pretty sure I will buy some of them! I'm curious to see how the blue one look like in real life! Maybe it will help your teeth look whiter, you know if you have some blue in a lip stick/gloss it makes your teeth look I'm really curious about this one!
  • Colour Refreshing Lip Balm - it reminds me of Dior Addict Lip Glow, which I really like by the way. It seems to be the same concept.
  • Ultimate Nail Lacquers - they seem fun and full of colors!
  • It's a super nice collection I'm looking forward to see in real life!
And here is the official video preview for this new collection.

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