Ebalay Dark Orange Gold Dust

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I've got a Chinese polish to show today! This polish is called Dark Orange Gold Dust and the brand is Ebalay. You might have already heard about this brand because they launched a collection of duochrome polishes that seem quite interesting. You can see the bottles here.

For the pictures below, I used only one coat of Dark Orange Gold Dust without top coat. This mani was done super quickly, with just 1 single coat!!

1 coat of Ebalay - Dark Orange Gold Dust.

I wanted to try this polish because I was convinced it would look awesome mattified! And oh yeah, I was  not wrong! Look at this gorgeous polish mattified!!

1 coat of Ebalay - Dark Orange Gold Dust mattified with essence - soft touch polish.

Final verdict: I simply LOVE how it looks mattified! One coat of matte top coat and you have a gorgeous shimmery matte polish! It reminds me of OPI Suede in terms of texture and finish. The main color is a dark orange packed with lots of fine gold and red particles. It's not super obvious when you look at the bottle or your nails to see it, but I think there must also be some silver particles because when I took it off, I could see a silver layer forming under the orange...exactly in the same way as when I take off my OPI Suede (e.g., We'll always have Paris Suede). If you don't mattify it, it's really shimmery and pretty but I really the matte version. The formula is a bit thick but not unmanageable. Opacitiy is really good. You need only 1 coat to get full opacity and the polish seems to have self-leveling properties. The only complaint I have is that it chipped after only one day....but I think it's still worth it because I love its matte version so much! I would definitely wear it again!

Ebalay Gold Dust polishes exist in dark orange, black, brown, coconut brown, blue, green, olive, pink, purple, and violet purple!
I wanna try the violet purple now!! :D

Purchase info 
Ebalay polishes can be purchased from KKCenterHK. You can find this item here on their site. It costs $7.37 for 15 mL. KKCenterHK ship internationally. They have great nail art products and polishes.

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