essence trend edition “snow white”

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Mirror, mirror on the wall… these words conjure-up wonderful fantasies of enchanted forests, a prince and the greatest love of all… but what was the story behind that famous line again? In collaboration with Disney, the seven dwarves will not only charm us with their rosy red cheeks and a cheerful song on their lips in June 2012, they’ll be delighting true fairytale fashionistas with the new essence trend edition "snow white" for bright, colorful nail trends! A snow white look and fairytale glam for your nails – the hype of the summer!

essence snow white – nail polish
When snow white chooses the trendiest colors of the season, you can be sure that things are going to be colorful and playful – bright colors with great coverage conquer your nails and create imaginative styles. The highlight: the nail polish "snow white" comes in a 7 ml bottle and is a little bigger than the "seven dwarves" to bring the fairytale into your cosmetics bag in true Disney style. Available in the colors 01 snow white (7 ml) 02 grumpy, 03 doc, 04 happy, 05 sneezy, 06 sleepy, 07 bashful and 08 dopey (5 ml).
upper row l-r: 01 snow white (7 ml) 02 grumpy, 03 doc, 04 happy, lower row l-r: 05 sneezy, 06 sleepy, 07 bashful and 08 dopey.

essence snow white – nail art sticker
Who is the fairest of them all? Everyone is! Because with these cheerful apple and dwarf stickers, one nail is more gorgeous than the next. The "snow white" nail art stickers are the crowning glory for the cute and colorful nail polishes. Let’s go – an exciting adventure awaits you! Available in 01 heigh-ho, heigh-ho (1 design with 5 foils).
essence snow white – special effect topper
Sigh, what a wonderful happy ending – three magical top coats give your nails an enchanting finish. From mystical to romantic – holo effects and glitter particles conjure fairytale looks onto the tips of your nails. These special effects won’t be lost on any princes! Available in 01 evil queen, 02 the huntsman and 03 prince charming.

essence snow white – nail file
For a change, even the evil stepmother is useful for your nails without any wicked ulterior motives. This queenly nail file is super practical when you’re on the go and will whip your nails into shape in a flash – magical!

essence “snow white” will be available in stores in June 2012 in the following countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, Slovakia, Česká republika, Slowenia, Bosnia, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile.

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