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I've got another Haze Glaze polish to show you. This one is called Texas Walrus. This is  a new polish that has not been released yet, but if a lot of people are loving, it Hazel (the creator of Haze Glaze) will certainly start selling it.

This polish is a dark gray jelly full of glitters. They are gold, green, blue, and silver and are of different shapes! The polish can either be worn on its own with 3 coats or layered over a base color. I will show you both possibilities.

First I tried it on its own. 3 coats were necessary to reach full opacity.

3 coats of Haze Glaze Texas Walrus

Can you see this strange shape glitter on my ring finger (1st from the left)? :D

Then, I layered it over Rivka Jenny, wich is a gorgeous charocoal holo I got from my swap with Rafa from Nail Ink. This polish is incredibly gorgeous and I'll show it in more details in a future post :D 
For this mani, I used 1 coat of Haze Glaze Texas Walrus over 2 coats of Rivka Jenny.

1 coat of Haze Glaze Texas Walrus over 2 coats of Rivka Jenny.

Bottle shot.
I got the idea of super close bottle shots from Stefels! :D

Final verdict: A gray jelly full of gorgeous glitters!! Yay~ This polish is really pretty! I love the different shapes of the glitters: you've got hexagons, diamonds, a some hexagons that have been cut in a strange shapes (see for example the 1st and 2nd pictures). The colors go well together and the base color is also really pretty. You can wear it on its own or layered. It dries with a matte finish. So a top coat is required. The glitters tend to quicky settle at the bottom of the bottle so you have to put the bottle upside down while you prep your nails to be able to have a good repartition of the glitters. Also shake it well. I personally prefer it layered. It's more easy to achieve this look and it looks better in my opinion. It think the combo with Rivka Jenny is a killer combo. What do you think?

Purchase info 
Haze Glaze polishes can be purchased from Haze Glaze etsy store. You can follow Haze Glaze on Facebook.
Rivka polishes can be purchased from Ninja Polish. You can also follow Ninja Polish on Facebook.

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