Attracting Camouflage

10:15 PM


I have an awesome polish to show you today! It's C02 Attracting Camouflage from Catrice Revoltaire Limited Edition. You can know more about this collection if you go here.

Final verdict: Seriously, this polish is amazing, isn't it? When I saw the press release about this collection, I was really excited to see this shade IRL because it seemed to be close to Illamasque Bacterium. I don't have it so I cannot compare them but Magi from Magi Mania did an awesome comparison post and yeah, they are very similar! I love the fact that there is a quite strong white-blue-silver flash in this brownish beige polish. It's very interesting and original. There is also a nice shimmer that adds a touch of sparkle. For these swatches, I used 3 coats. Application was nice but you have to be a little careful to avoid brush strokes. With 3 coats you get a perfect look. It's a polish I'll wear a lot because it's a rather safe hue but with a twist of magic!

Purchase info:
Catrice nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Croatia, you can search for a store that sells Catrice polishes here.

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